10,000 BC

Beowulf (2007)
"Pride is the curse. "
The warrior Beowulf must fight and defeat the monster Grendel who is terrorizing towns, and later, Grendel's mother, who begins killing out of revenge.
Ray Winstone Beowulf
Robin Wright Penn Wealthow
Anthony Hopkins Hrothgar
John Bilezikjian Musician #2
Brice Martin Musician #4 (as Brice H. Martin)
Sonje Fortag Gitte
Sharisse Baker-Bernard Hild
Charlotte Salt Estrith
Julene Renee Cille
Greg Ellis Garmund
Rik Young Eofor
Sebastian Roché Wulfgar
Leslie Harter Zemeckis Yrsa (as Leslie Zemeckis)
John Malkovich Unferth
Woody Schultz Aesher
Tyler Steelman Young Cain
Nick Jameson Drunken Thane
Crispin Glover Grendel
Brendan Gleeson Wiglaf
Shay Duffin Scylding's Watch
Costas Mandylor Hondshew
Chris Coppola Olaf
Angelina Jolie Grendel's Mother
Dominic Keating Cain
Jacquie Barnbrook Aethelbeorg
Fredrik Hiller Frisian Leader
Alison Lohman Ursula
Daniel D. McGrew Beowulf’s Scop
Alan Jones Silva Beowulf's Jester (as Alan J. Silva)
Richard Burns Additional Adult Performer
Larkin Campbell Additional Adult Performer
Chris Cummins Additional Adult Performer
Peter Dennis Voice Performer (voice)
Neil Dickson Voice Performer (voice)
Holly Dorff Voice Performer (voice)
Kevin Dorman Additional Adult Performer
Shawn Driscoll Additional Adult Performer
Amy Esacove Additional Adult Performer
Emily Johnson Additional Adult Performer
Camille Lannan Additional Adult Performer
Peter Lavin Voice Performer (voice)
John Littlefield Additional Adult Performer
Chris Mala Additional Adult Performer
Rob McCabe Additional Adult Performer
Nadine Stenovitch Additional Adult Performer
Fred Tatasciore Voice Performer (voice)
Tim Trobec Additional Adult Performer
Matthew A. Ward Voice Performer (voice)
Anne Marie Wilson Additional Adult Performer
Producer: Steve Bing,Jack Rapke,Steve Starkey,Robert Zemeckis
Writer: Neil Gaiman,Roger Avary
Glorious 3D treat requiring little brain engagement
This movie is a lot of fun. In 3D. I suspect its impact will be considerably diminished in 2D, so I urge anyone who wants to see it to seek out the 3D version. There are lots of beautifully constructed tracking shots where the camera glides and swirls forward, back up and down, and trees, rocks, arrows, dragons or whatever slip past the edges of the frame, and this effect is stunning in 3D. In fact, all the action scenes are stunning in 3D, particularly the climactic battle with a top-notch, fire belching monster of a dragon.

The plot isn't much to write home about (although there's just a hint of a theological debate about the way Christianity has displaced the old mythic religions, which made me think for about 5 seconds). The acting is variable - Robin Wright-Penn is fine, but about as sexy as a paper cup, Hopkins is his usual reliable self, Ray Winstone is suitably heroic as the heroic, self-aggrandising Beowulf, and Crispin Glover is just brilliant as Grendel. Grendel is a lovely creation, oozing slime and blood, and wracked with pain.

But who cares about all that. This is not a scholarly work, it's entertainment. And my wife and I were as royally entertained as the kids surrounding us in the cinema (and we're both 40-somethings). Leave your serious head (and any timid youngsters) at home, and go and have fun.

Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 6.8
Musician: Alan Silvestri
Running time: 113 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
Everything else:
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