"100 höjdare"

Darling (2007)
"And you thought life was fair..."
Michelle Meadows Eva
Michael Segerström Bernard
Richard Ulfsäter Micke
Michael Lindgren Nico
Marko Ivkovich McDonalds chef
Erica Silfverhielm Martina
Henrik Lundström Mickes friend
Tanja Lorentzon Maja
Robin Keller Miles
Johan Hallström Salesman 1
Erik Johansson Salesman 2
Malin Benno Evas friend 2
Lis Nilheim Miles' mother
Elisabeth von Gerber Margaretha
Martin Svane Nicos friend
Göran von Euler Jonas
Christina von Knorring Evas mother
Jenny Cassel Sophie Nichols
Marita Gidlund Marta
Katja Neuding Shop assistant
Nathalie Sanneman Natalie
Sara Ulvenstrand Eva's Boss
Patrik Edgren Mäklare (uncredited)
Producer: Fredrik Heinig
Writer: Johan Kling
Waste of time
Poor dialogue, poor directing, poor editing and very poor acting (with one or two exceptions) summons up this film pretty much. I can only assume an actor such as Michael Segerström, one of those who actually performed some acting in this piece, wasn't very proud when he saw the final result. I really can't understand how the film managed to win Nordic Film Prize (Best Film), it scares me a lot to think of the competitors. The dialog often seemed very unnatural, but that might be the result of poor directing/poor acting. The music itself is really good, but it doesn't fit in to the film. Imagine yourself watching a film with only dialogue, and then at the same time listening to music from a totally different context. It's totally weird, and I mean weird in a bad way. This film is nothing but a waste of time.

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 6.5
Running time: 94 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [Swedish]
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