"100 höjdare"

Idioterne (1998)
"Society is the mother of all Idiots "
The group of people gather at the house in Copenhagen suburb to break all the limitations and to bring out the
Bodil Jørgensen Karen
Jens Albinus Stoffer
Anne Louise Hassing Susanne
Troels Lyby Henrik
Nikolaj Lie Kaas Jeppe
Louise Mieritz Josephine
Henrik Prip Ped
Luis Mesonero Miguel
Knud Romer Jørgensen Axel
Trine Michelsen Nana
Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis Katrine
Paprika Steen High Class Lady
Erik Wedersøe Svend, Stoffer's Uncle
Michael Moritzen Man from Municipality
Anders Hove Josephine's Father
Jan Elle Waiter
Claus Strandberg Guide at Factory
Jens Jørn Spottag Boss at Advertising Agency (as Jens Jørgen Spottag)
John Martinus Man in Morning-jacket
Lars Bjarke Rocker #1
Ewald Larsen Rocker #2
Christian Friis Rocker #3
Louise B. Clausen Linda, Rocker Girl
Hans Henrik Clemensen Anders, Karen's Husband
Lone Lindorff Karen's Mother
Erno Müller Karen's Grandfather
Regitze Estrup Louise, Karen's Sister
Lotte Munk Fure Britta, Karen's Sister
Marina Bouras Axel's Wife
Julie Wieth Woman with 2 Kids
Kirsten Vaupel Art Class Lady #1
Lillian Tillegren Art Class Lady #2
Birgit Conradi Art Class Lady #3
Peter Frøge Man in the Swimmingpool
Albert Wichmann High Class Man (as Albert Wickmann)
Ditlev Weddelsborg Severin at Advertising Agency
Jesper Sønderaas Svendsen at Advertising Agency
Svend Erik Plannthin Mongol
Torben Meyrowitsch Mongol
Lis Bente Petersen Mongol
Palle Lorentz Emiliussen Mongol
Axel Schmidt Mongol
Iris Albøge Qualified Carer
Lars von Trier Interviewer (voice) (uncredited)
Producer: Vibeke Windeløv
Writer: Lars von Trier
One of Von Trier's best
This misunderstood and wildly underappreciated film is up there with Riget and Zentropa in the Von Trier canon, and in my opinion better than Breaking the Waves. Critics focussed on the film's perceived cruel attitude towards the mentally handicapped. Idioterne is actually a very personal film about revolution, healing and Danish society's attitude towards the 'retarded'. It is an incredibly brave and moving film that will have you dabbing your eyes by the end.

Whoever decided that American filmgoers could not be exposed to the sight of penises, however, needs to lose their job. The absurdity of being exposed to full frontal female nudity--while being protected by big black floating boxes whenever a John Thomas is on screen--is an outrage. Did someone REALLY think this film would break through at the box office if these appendages were obscured? Were they concerned that Joe Six Pack was going to take the wife and kids to that new movie by that famed Danish director that's such a big hit with the arthouse crowd? The mind boggles.

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Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 6.6
Running time: 110 min (cut)
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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