"Malcolm in the Middle"

The Kingdom (2007)
"An elite FBI team sent to find a killer in a hostile country "
A team of U.S. government agents is sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East.
Jamie Foxx Ronald Fleury
Chris Cooper Grant Sykes
Jennifer Garner Janet Mayes
Jason Bateman Adam Leavitt
Ashraf Barhom Colonel Faris Al Ghazi
Ali Suliman Sergeant Haytham
Jeremy Piven Damon Schmidt
Richard Jenkins FBI Director James Grace
Tim McGraw Aaron Jackson
Kyle Chandler Francis Manner
Frances Fisher Elaine Flowers
Danny Huston Attorney General Gideon Young
Kelly AuCoin Ellis Leach
Anna Deavere Smith Maricella Canavesio
Minka Kelly Miss Ross
Amy Hunter Lyla Fleury
Tj Burnett Kevin Fleury
Omar Berdouni Prince Ahmed Bin Khaled
Raad Rawi Prince Thamer
Mahmoud Said General Al Abdulmalik
Hezi Saddik Abu Hamza
Uri Gavriel Izz Al Din
Nick Faltas Haytham's Father
Ahmed B. Badran 35-Year-Old Son (as Ahmed Badran)
Elie Khoury 15-Year-Old Grandson (as Elie Georges El-Khoury)
Tom Bresnahan Rex Burr
Yasmine Hanani Aunt
Trevor St. John Earl Ripon
Ashley Scott Janine Ripon
Sarah Hunley Maddy Ripon
Brody M. Tardy Teddy Manner
Hope Fogle Mick
Sidney Ortiz LuLu
Noah Pittenger Classmate
Damian Foster Haytham Driver
Kevin Brief Range Rover Driver
Brian Mahoney Pitcher
Martin Foxwell Man at Game
Kavita Parbhakar Mom at Game
Hrach Titizian Suicide Bomber
Munthir Salih Suicide Bomber
Merik Tadros Reporter
Sean Donnellan Reporter
Richard Klein FBI Agent
John Paul Castorena FBI Agent
Antonio Evans FBI Agent
Maryellen Aviano FBI Agent
Markus Flanagan FBI Agent
Brian Gehl Stud in Bar
Ali Abboud Irate Guard
David Brown Man at Hotel
Firas Salloum Airport SANG Officer
Anthony Batarse Inner-Circle
Nabeel Kort Police Officer
Shant Demirjian Police Officer
Assad Mohamed Bombsite Investigator
Yaser Alamoodi Bombsite Worker
Haider Almosawi Bombsite Worker
Saleem Hassan Erakat Bomb Site Worker
Jasim Tahir Tank Gunner
Maitham Al-Zubfidy Main Gate Guard
Alawi Al-Bidery Machine Gunner
Albara Awad Humvee Gunner
Gino Salvano Special Forces Officer
Waleed Alsadi Guard at Cafe
Mohammed Mohammed Internet Teenager
Fouad Al-Hamedany Internet Teenager
Ahmed Al-Ibrahim Game Player
Yunus Hassan Game Player
Charbel Touma Game Player
Anthony Salibi Game Player
Bassam O. Saeed Al Ghazi Aid
Hasan Chaudhry Al Ghazi Runner
Nick Hermz Passport Officer
Eyad Elbitar Kidnapper
Sala Baker Kidnapper
Kasem Al-Tamimi Elderly Man
Damian Hajjar Suweidi Resident
Gaith Al-Jaberi Al Ghazi's Son
Byron Browne Softball player (uncredited)
Merek Browne Kid at softball game (uncredited)
Taylor Hogue Softball Player (uncredited)
Brian Mulligan Mabahith (uncredited)
Producer: Peter Berg,Michael Mann,Scott Stuber
Writer: Matthew Michael Carnahan
Much more that a shoot-em'-up, but not for the faint of heart
I went into this movie hoping it wouldn't be a cheap shot at either the US Government or the people in the Middle East and I wasn't disappointed. The introduction that outlines the history between Saudi Arabia and the United States alone proves as much: no matter how intense that action was (and it was very much so), the movie itself was a fairly level-headed look at the current situation. You are drawn into the action from the very beginning, but from there it does not sink into an FBI team shooting up Saudis. There is actually an INVESTIGATION, with political interests in the background all the while. An excellent action movie with more than a little thought put into it, but not for the faint of heart.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 7.3
Musician: Danny Elfman
Running time: 110 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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