"Malcolm in the Middle"

The Contract (2006)
"Every Killer Meets His Equal. "
Morgan Freeman Frank Carden
John Cusack Ray Keene
Jamie Anderson Chris Keene
Alice Krige Gwen Miles
Megan Dodds Sandra
Corey Johnson Davis
Jonathan Hyde Turner
Bill Smitrovich Chief of Police Ed Wainwright
Anthony Warren Royko
Ned Bellamy Deputy Evans
Thomas Lockyer Johnson
Gary Whelan Stanfield
Ian Shaw Michaels
Atanas Srebrev Rodrigues
Maynard Eziashi Chuck Robbins
William Tapley Gordon Jennings
Ryan McCluskey Lochlan
Owen Taylor Mark
Mark Johnson Lydel Hammond Jr.
Michelle Newell Real Estate Lady
Eric Meyers Truck Driver
Dennis Eradiri Barista
Jonas Talkington Paramedic
Margarita Blush Nurse (as Kmargarita Blush)
Lindsay Saltsgiver Nurse - ER
John Hansen Doctor
Jeffrey Rank Trooper
Doug Dearth Helicopter Trooper #1
Julian Vegov Helicopter Trooper #2
Didem Erol Reporter (as Dana Flynn)
Mircea Monroe Park Reporter
Les Weldon Anchor
Bogomil Atanasov Lydel Hammond Sr.
Tracy Dykes Minister
Michael McCoy Accident Spotter
Rich Cowan Forestry Man
Ryan Spike Dauner Helicopter Pilot #1 (as Spike Dauner)
Paul Ripple Helicopter Pilot #2
Cory Hardrict (uncredited)
Lonny W. Waddle Police Officer (uncredited)
Producer: Randall Emmett,George Furla,Avi Lerner,Danny Lerner,Andreas Schmid,Les Weldon
Writer: Stephen Katz,John Darrouzet
This film is the reason that the word
I'll admit, I had fairly high hopes for this film. I like Morgan Freeman. I think everyone does. The idea of Morgan Freeman playing a villain sounded great. The premise seemed a little simple- but many great ideas are simple. Then I saw the movie. Within the first twenty minutes, I realized what it was- another poorly written, poorly directed, poorly acted and illogical action/adventure movie. I like the genre, don't get me wrong, but the whole "good-hearted average joe is outnumbered by trained assassins and manages to kill them all in somewhat novel but ultimately unrealistic ways while he bonds with his estranged son" plot has been done. So many times. Here it is rehashed, acted and written like it was always intended to go direct to video. If you've seen Cliffhanger, you've seen a better version of this movie. And for the record, I really didn't think Cliffhanger was all that great.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.6
Musician: Normand Corbeil
Running time: 96 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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