"Malcolm in the Middle"

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
"This Summer Jason Bourne Comes Home "
Bourne dodges new, superior assassins as he searches for his unknown past while a government agent tries to track him down.
Matt Damon Jason Bourne
Julia Stiles Nicky Parsons
David Strathairn CIA Deputy Director Noah Vosen
Scott Glenn CIA Director Ezra Kramer
Paddy Considine Simon Ross
Edgar Ramirez Paz
Albert Finney Dr. Albert Hirsch
Joan Allen Pamela Landy
Tom Gallop Tom Cronin
Corey Johnson Wills
Daniel Brühl Martin Kreutz
Joey Ansah Desh Bouksani
Colin Stinton Neal Daniels
Dan Fredenburgh Jimmy
Lucy Liemann Lucy
Bryan Reents Technician
Arkie Reece Technician
John Roberson Technician
Russ Huard Technician
Mark Bazeley Betancourt
Sinead O'Keeffe Chamberlain
Scott Adkins Agent Kiley
Branko Tomovic Russian Policeman #1
Laurence Possa Russian Policeman #2
Trevor St. John Tactical Team Leader
Albert Jones Tactical Team Agent
Jeffrey Lee Gibson Vosen's Driver
Uriel Emil Pollack Morgue Attendant
Omar Hernández NYPD Officer #1
William H. Burns NYPD Officer #2
Michael Wildman CRI Agent
Kai Martin Hoody
Chucky Venice Agent Hammond
Ben Youcef Nabile
Brian Cox Ward Abbott
Franka Potente Marie Kreutz
Producer: Patrick Crowley,Frank Marshall,Paul Sandberg
Writer: Tony Gilroy,Scott Z. Burns
One Of The Year's Best Movies.
The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) Review: After a thrilling set of two, we get the final installment. Here's my take:

The Bourne Ultimatum has it all. We have Jason Bourne(Matt Damon) on the coattails of the ones who know everything. He has been running for too long. This time, it ends.

The Bourne Ultimatum has a great plot, awesome writing, fantastic direction, suspense, and some of the best action of the summer. Matt Damon delivers possibly his best performance to date. He has the conviction and swelling desire of the troubled assassin.

There are some intelligent humor here and some fine suspense. The reactions to certain events will have you either laughing(in a good way) or cheering on. (or both) I heard a lot of intelligent laughter in the theater and lots of clapping. The audience was loving it.

The Bourne Ultimatum delivers all in a nicely gift-wrapped package. All of the goods and then some. This is, in my opinion the best movie this summer.

The Last Word: Excellent conclusion. The best of the trilogy. This is how summer movie thrillers should be done. I love the Bourne trilogy.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 8.3
Musician: John Powell
Running time: 115 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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