"Malcolm in the Middle"

Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007)
Amanda Righetti Ariel Wolfe
Cerina Vincent Michelle
Erik Palladino Desmond
Tom Riley Paul
Andrew Lee Potts Kyle
Jeffrey Combs Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt
Steven Pacey Richard
Calita Rainford Harue (as Kalita Rainford)
Gil Kolirin Norris
Andrew Pleavin Samuel
Chucky Venice Warren
Tatina de Marinis Ariel's assistant
George Zlatarev Inmate Ghost
Stilyana Mitkova Sara's Ghost
Laia Gonzàlez Nurse Ghost
Oksana Borbat Beautiful Woman ghost
Xeniya Fesenko Beautiful Woman Ghost
Miroslav Petrov Albino Ghost
Emil Markov Albino Ghost
Deian Dinev Albino Ghost
Tanya Kozhuharova Ghost
Maria Georgieva Ghost
Emil Tonev Ghost
Nikolai Iliev Man on Beach (as Nikolay Iliev)
Zhasmina Toskova Woman on Beach
Jasmina Jekova Model
Iva Atanasova Model
Tanya Nedeleva Model
Hristo Parvanov Mental Patient
Nikolai Chobanov Mental Patient
Producer: Erik Olsen,Steve Richards,Roee Sharon,Jonathan Tzachor
Writer: William Massa
A Bit Much With the Computer, But a Decent Plot and Good Sequel
The sister of the survivor from the first film must go to the house on haunted hill... (technically, the only people returning are us, since all the characters are new). She has a connection to the house (much like her sister did) and the inmates there. Also, a professor and a bounty hunter are in search of an ancient relic.

I will say that the plot was good. There was an actual reason to go in the house, and I found it plausible -- well worth waiting nearly a decade for a sequel. The working in of the Knights Templar and the Baphomet statue was very nice, and will appeal to those who like the occult. I imagine a lot of horror fans also enjoy the works of Eliphas Levi and Aleister Crowley and will feel at home with the references -- it was certainly nothing new to me. (Although, historically, the Knights did not really worship Baphomet as the myth goes.)

Jeffrey Combs returns, and has a sizable role here. Not a large role, no real dialogue, but more than the five minutes he's had in other films the past few years ("Satanic" comes to mind). So his fans will appreciate that. And if you're a horror fan, you're probably a Combs fan. That man has really milked his success ever since 1986's "Re-Animator" and I see no signs of it slowing down yet. Put his name on the cover of a film and I'll rent it.

This film's strength is in the plot, and somewhat so in the acting. The characters are nothing special (they all have very one-dimensional motives) but they are acted superbly. Many will also enjoy the high blood content -- a man gets quartered, for example. And that's not the worst of it. There's even a death by refrigerator! Not quite creative on the level of, say, "Superstition" or even "2001 Maniacs", but not bad.

All you really need to know is if you liked the first film, you'll love this. Many reviewers have commented this is the better of the two, and I'm inclined to agree (although I'll still watch the original Vincent Price version over either of them). Solid story, good acting, blood... this is a horror film that goes above and beyond the typical straight-to-video schlock.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.5
Musician: Frederik Wiedmann
Running time: 81 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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