"Malcolm in the Middle"

Monster (2003)
"Based on a true story"
Based on the life of Aileen Wuornos, a Daytona Beach prostitute who became a serial killer.
Charlize Theron Aileen
Christina Ricci Selby
Bruce Dern Thomas
Lee Tergesen Vincent Corey
Annie Corley Donna
Pruitt Taylor Vince Gene / Stuttering "John"
Marco St. John Evan / Undercover "John"
Marc Macaulay Will / Daddy "John"
Scott Wilson Horton / Last "John"
Rus Blackwell Cop
Tim Ware Chuck
Stephan Jones Lawyer
Brett Rice Charles
Kaitlin Riley Teenage Aileen
Cree Ivey 7-Year-Old Aileen
Catherine Mangan Justy
Magdalena Manville Bar Lap Girl
T. Robert Pigott Bartender
Romonda Shaver Employment Agent
Glenn R. Wilder Restaurant Manager
Elaine Stebbins Wife at Accident
Kane Hodder Undercover Cop
Christian Stokes Undercover Cop (as Christian Page Stokes)
Lyllian Barcaski Bar Girl
Nonalee Davis Bar Girl
Bubba Baker Cubby
Al Himself (at the Last Resort)
Cannonball Himself
Chad Vaccarino Trevor
Gene R. Stephenson Judge (as Honorable Gene R. Stephenson)
Jesse Stern Skate Rink Attendant
Bill Boylan Police Chief
Jim R. Coleman Newscaster
Chandra Leigh Cute Teenage Attendant
Lori McDonald Attendant
Adam Brown Attendant
Robb Chamberlain Prosecutor (uncredited)
Ed Donovan State Prison Guard (uncredited)
Khris Gibston Prosecuting Attorney (uncredited)
Producer: Mark Damon,Donald Kushner,Clark Peterson,Charlize Theron,Brad Wyman
Writer: Patty Jenkins
Black day for Hollywood if she doesn't win the Oscar
Charlize Theron's performance in this movie was so incredible I felt compelled to shout about it to every single person I know. I was so blown away by her that her performance actually reignited my own passion for acting and made me realize why I'm trying so hard to break into this business and to do it well. I never thought that Charlize Theron (of whom I was never a big fan) of all people could make me remember what movie-making is all about. With one role, she's converted me into a life-long fan. If Oscar means anything anymore, she deserves that award, hands-down. The movie itself is one of the most gripping and emotional stories I've ever seen in a film, and, true or not, its right up there with the other great indies depicting the sorry lives of Middle-Americans, such as Boys Don't Cry and, ironically, Monster's Ball. I wept straight through the last twenty minutes of this movie, continued weeping intermittently throughout the day, and wept some more about it during my preparation for acting class the following day. Before I saw the film, I saw Charlize on The Daily Show, talking to John Stewart about how Aileen Wuornos' story (and I'm paraphrasing) forces one to re-examine how we might label someone "evil" for doing horrible things. I thought, that's just a bunch of liberal bulls**t. Then I saw the movie. Like I said, we can't know how much of the movie is one-hundred percent factual, but it's almost scary how little that mattered to me after I left the theater. This film moved me so much that I actually decided then and there that I would, that I would have to, think a little harder the next time I thought of someone as "evil". If the goal of the filmmakers was to just try to get people to think about the fairness of the death penalty, I believe they succeeded.

Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 7.4
Musician: BT
Running time: 109 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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