"Malcolm in the Middle"

Good Luck Chuck (2007)
"There's something about Jessica. "
In order to keep the woman of his dreams from falling for another guy, Charlie Logan has to break the curse that has made him wildly popular with single women: Sleep with Charlie once, and the next man you meet will be your true love.
Connor Price Young Charlie
Troy Gentile Young Stu
Mackenzie Mowat Birthday Girl
Sasha Pieterse Goth Girl
Caroline Ford Jennifer
Dane Cook Charlie
Chelan Simmons Carol
Dan Fogler Stu
Natalie Morris Natalie
Ellia English Reba
Chang Tseng Karaoke Singer
Michael Teigen Wedding D.J.
Chiara Zanni Bride
Ben Ayres Groomsman
Carrie Fleming Dirty Talker (as Carrie Anne Fleming)
Agam Darshi Female Wedding Guest
Jessica Alba Cam Wexler
Crystal Lowe Cam's Wedding Friend
Steve Glenn Carol's New Man
Téa Helfrich Screaming Little Girl
Yasmine Vox Pleasure
Lonny Ross Joe
Tava Smiley Woman in Car
Connor Crash Dunn Frisbee Kid (as Connor Dunn)
Norma Cowley Frisbee Grandmother
Elizabeth Schnitzker Ceiling Lover
Michelle Andrew Red Haired Lover
Annie Wood Lara
Eliza Bayne Wheelbarrow Lover
Ed Welch Dirty Talker's True Love
Tammy Morris Contortionist Lover
Camille Atebe Butch Cop
Jessica Olafson Kitchen Counter Lover
Susan McLellan Shower Lover
Zara Taylor Magazine Lover
Viviana Dal Cengio Thankful Lover
Cassandra Sawtell Girl in Penguin Habitat
Jodie Stewart Eleanor Skipple
Ian Farthing Eleanor's Boyfriend
Charlie Metzger Singing Quartet
George Metzger Singing Quartet
George Wakeham Singing Quartet
Martin Lovick Singing Quartet
Lindsay Maxwell McTitty
Aaron Dudley Not George
Liam James Boy in Penguin Habitat
Kevin Crofton Aquaworld Security
June B. Wilde Desperate Woman
Jodelle Ferland Lila (as Jodelle Micah Ferland)
Michelle Harrison Anisha
Steve Bacic Howard
Georgia Craig Howard's Wife
Jody Racicot Ticket Agent
Robert Kelly Airport Security Guard
Emma Barker Not Cam
Taayla Markell Flight Attendant
Heather Doerksen Woman on Plane
Victoria Bidewell Holy Lover
Kari-Ann Wood George W. Lover
Simone Bailly Megan Gillis (uncredited)
Marcia Moulton Woman in waiting room (uncredited)
Producer: Tracey E. Edmonds,Russell Hollander,Mike Karz,Barry Katz,Brian Volk-Weiss
Writer: Josh Stolberg,Steve Glenn
Good, and definitely not as bad as people are saying!
Good Luck Chuck is a good comedy, but could have been a lot better. It started off great and had plenty of laughs going for it, but stupidity soon got the better of it. While it may not be as great or funny as Knocked Up, it is still nevertheless a good movie to watch and it's enjoyable, funny and entertaining. I think those giving this a "1" are either people who hate Dane Cook, Jessica Alba or find the sexual content "too" offensive...well, quite simply put - do not listen to those people. Or, I could just say those people don't have a sense of humor and are taking this movie too seriously and not sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the ride. This movie is funny and entertaining enough, and gets a 6/10 from me. It would have got a higher score, but like I said before, it gets stupid.

Dane Cook plays Charlie, who is a bit of a legend in the sex department. Women believe that once having sex with him, that the next person they date will be their future husband. He spends a lot of time having sex with women, and one day meets Cam (Jessica Alba, looking fine as always) and falls in love with her. This doesn't stop the fact that women are still gagging for Charlie, and a childhood curse could be the reason for this. It's pretty much the guy trying to get the girl situation, and doesn't require much thinking.

The story is good and doesn't require much thinking. Most of the time it's either a bit of nudity, jokes or the guy trying to get the girl scenario. There are a lot of laughs in the movie though, some more funny than others and some were unfunny. However, I feel the movie got stupid with the whole "cursed childhood" thing. It just felt stupid to bring that aspect up again, after showing it in the opening. It just felt misplaced...and made the movie feel a little stupid. It seemed more of a time-filler than anything else. The whole penguins thing got a little tiresome also, and got slightly annoying...at least for me.

The casting is great though and Dane Cook is great as Charlie, as is Jessica Alba as Cam. Dan Fogler is also funny as Charlie's best friend, who provides quite a few jokes in the movie. I also felt that Dane and Jessica had chemistry throughout the movie, and they seemed to be relaxing and enjoying themselves. They also have funny, likable characters to work with - Dane being the "gift" to all women, and Jessica being accident prone. There are also appearances from Chelan Simmons and Crystal Lowe (Last seen together taking a tan in Final Destination 3) also makes a quick appearance, which is great as she's one of my favourite actresses. I do, however feel, one of the reasons this movie is being bashed is purely because the fact that either Dane or Jessica are starring in the movie. Both have fan-bases, but both also have negative things said about them...so people will press the "1" button as far as they can and bash the movie purely because of them. Shame, as they both do great jobs and that's a pathetic excuse to bash a movie.

Good Luck Chuck is a good, harmless comedy which is getting too much crap thrown towards it. Whether it be people complaining about the jokes or the sexual content, people are being way too harsh on this movie by calling it the "worst ever" and such. It's annoying that people are bitching about it, did they not know what to expect from the plot line and trailer for the movie? It made it obvious it would have crude jokes and sex! This movie is funny, and I can't believe people are calling this unfunny when people are paying to go see crap like Epic Movie - now THAT is unfunny. If you want to watch a romantic comedy with the language, sex and crude humor thrown in...then sit back, relax and enjoy Good Luck Chuck. It's a good, harmless flick to watch.


Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.5
Musician: Aaron Zigman
Running time: 96 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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