"Malcolm in the Middle"

Popcorn (2007)
"its cinema, but not as you know it "
Too insecure to approach the girl of his dreams, Danny takes a job at the local multiplex where she works.
Jack Ryder Danny
Jodi Albert Suki
Andrew Lee Potts Kris
Luke de Woolfson Zak
Colette Brown Florence
Kate Maberly Annie
Laura Aikman Jeannie
Ophelia Lovibond Katerina
Sophie Anderton The Killer
Layke Anderson Casper
Charlotte Bellis Ferreira Laura
Oliver Ford Annoying Customer
Gemma Gregory Stunning Girl
Kacey Barnfield Yukino
Chike Chan Lo
Charlie Clements Film Customer
Andrew Dunn Max
Harrison Foss Screamer
David Goodall Dave
Kate Loustau Romantic Screen Woman
Michael Luxton
Sonny Muslim Screamer
Luce Norris Kissing Girl
Anthony Martin Joseph O'Sullivan Handsome poster teen
Tim Robinson Romantic Screen Man
Kavi Shastri Carl
Lee Williams Emil
Producer: Rebecca Knapp,Daniel M. San
Writer: Darren Fisher
Good fun
This is a sexy, funny film easily equal in quality to any teen romantic comedy released by Hollywood over the last few years.

The girls are glamorous and beautiful, the guys (aside from the 'socially inept male main character') are well dressed and confident. It bucks the trend of recent British comedies, replacing the squalor of, say, Shaun Of The Dead, with a deliberately slick, glossy, carefree world that has the characters thinking nothing of snacking on some leftover popcorn or attending an after-work pool party.

The writing is genuinely clever in places, and the production values are high. Visual humour abounds, but nothing is overdone and cringe worthy. The comic-book narration is a particularly fine example of the device.

I recommend this film to anyone wanting to have a disposable, fun time. Definitely a film for couples. Humorously dirty, it should appeal to anyone between 15 and 30.

In one of life's ironies, as I was watching it in the cinema, a large family with several very young children walked in to the auditorium during the film's 'kissing lessons' scene, mere minutes after the main character is warned to double check the screen number on punters' tickets. Real life, you cannot make this stuff up.

Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.3
Musician: Paul Leonard-Morgan
Running time: 90 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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