"Malcolm in the Middle"

Music and Lyrics (2007)
A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping hit for an aspiring teen sensation. Though he's never written a decent lyric in his life, he sparks with an offbeat younger woman with a flair for words.
Hugh Grant Alex Fletcher
Scott Porter Colin Thompson
Nick Bacon Pop Bass Player
Andrew W. Blakemore Pop Guitar Player (as Andrew Wyatt Blakemore)
Dan McMillan Pop Drummer
Tom Foligno Has-Beens Promo Announcer (voice)
Zak Orth David Newbert - TV Executive #1
Brooke Tansley Janice Stern - TV Executive #2
Daniel Stewart Sherman Willy
Brad Garrett Chris Riley
Aasif Mandvi Khan
Drew Barrymore Sophie Fisher
Haley Bennett Cora Corman
Matthew Morrison Ray
Jason Antoon Greg Antonsky
Jeremy Karson Charlie
Emma Lesser Lucy
Kristen Johnston Rhonda
Adam Grupper Gary
Charlotte Maier Barbara
Toni Trucks Tricia
Lanette Ware Mia
Campbell Scott Sloan Cates
Billy Griffith Derek
Kathleen McNenny Gloria
Stevie Ray Dallimore Maitre d'
Spenser Leigh Beth Riley
Lou Torres Security Guard
Kali Harrison Stage Manager (as Kali R. Harrison)
Daniel Karaty Choreographer (as Dan Karaty)
Ben Butler Guitar Player (Cora's Band Member)
Rachel Golub Sitar Player (Cora's Band Member)
Conrad Korsch Bass Player (Cora's Band Member)
Seth Matthew Faulk Drummer (Cora's Band Member)
Daniel Mintseris Keyboard Player (Cora's Band Member)
Zak Soulam Guitar Player - Heavy Metal
Chris Moss Dancer
Armando Acevedo Dancer
Christine Ashley DeJesus Dancer
Dana DePalo Dancer
Gerard Heintz Dancer
Antoine 'Doc' Judkins Dancer
Nick Kenkel Dancer
Nina Lafarga Dancer
Carly Lang Dancer
Monique Lea Dancer
Sarah Mitchell Dancer
Marielys Molina Dancer
Jorge Santos Dancer
Seth Stewart Dancer
Roel Suasin Dancer
Reed Kelly Dancer
Michael Ciesla Party Guest (uncredited)
Mark A. Keeton Sloan's Dinner Companion (uncredited)
Suzi Lorraine Nurse (uncredited)
Lisa Sever Concert goer (uncredited)
Ken Sladyk Reunion Classmate (uncredited)
Producer: Liz Glotzer,Martin Shafer
Writer: Marc Lawrence
Cheesy and proud of it
Let's face it, often we go to the cinema for a bit of inconsequential fun. In case you were in any doubt, Music and Lyrics kicks off with an 80s-style Wham-like video of a band called as 'PoP'. Firmly tongue in retro-chic, Hugh Grant is Alex Fletcher, the washed-up has-been now playing the nostalgia circuit for middle-aged housewives. He meets bubbly Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore) who waters the plants in his apartment but has a knack for writing lyrics. This saves his day when current pop-diva princess Cora asks him to write and record a duet with her.

Chances are you are now reaching for the vomit bag or saying that maybe sounds like quite a giggle. If you can stomach the idea of Hugh Grant singing his own songs and staging a come back then rest assured, this is a very polished and unsubstantial rom-com. He and Drew Barrymore propel the movie with energy, wit and a warm, lovable enthusiasm. While perhaps doing little more than playing new aspects of themselves, it is a delightful performance, and one backed up with catchy songs, a fabulous debut by Haley Bennett (Cora) and a heartfelt, realistic script.

Cora is a sort of teenage megastar, somewhere between Shakira, Britney Spears and a youthful Madonna. Her elaborate stage-shows have a 'Buddhism & thong'(mysticism and sex) philosophy. Here, as with Alex and Sophie, the echelons of the music world seem realistically portrayed. While the matches seem unbelievable at first, by the end of the film we want Hugh and Drew to continue their romance offstage, just as with classic romance films of the 30s, so by any mainstream yardstick, Music and Lyrics is a success. The film is as unpretentious as its two lead actors, makes no great claims, and satisfies Valentine's Day release requirements with a sincerity that takes it a notch above the average cheese. Casting is spot-on, even down to Sophie's older (and much larger) sister, who has similar characteristics and mannerisms. It's easy viewing, and even contains nothing unsuitable for older children. If you want more sophisticated and substantial fare, you probably don't need film reviews to find your way to the nearest art-house cinema or Oscar blockbuster. But for straight enjoyment, Music and Lyrics slides down like a very reasonable glass of rich chardonnay. Silly, formulaic, but rather well done.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 6.7
Musician: Adam Schlesinger
Running time: 104 min / Argentina
Subtitles: Svenska
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