"Malcolm in the Middle"

Macbeth (2006)
"The Melbourne underworld. The present time."
A contemporary retelling of Shakespeare's
Sam Worthington Macbeth
Victoria Hill Lady Macbeth
Lachy Hulme Macduff
Gary Sweet Duncan
Steve Bastoni Banquo
Mick Molloy Murderer in Brown
Matt Doran Malcolm
Damian Walshe-Howling Ross
Jonny Pasvolsky Lennox
Rel Hunt Angus
John Molloy Murderer in Black
Miranda Nation 3rd Witch
Chloe Armstrong 1st Witch
Kate Bell 2nd Witch
Bob Franklin Siward
Simon Scott Zapata
Nash Edgerton Macdonwald
Lance Anderson Henchman with Glasses
Kevin Tran Macdonwald's Bagman
Samuel Tew Goateed Gunman
Christopher Shen Smirk
Anna Anderson Shy Girl
Hai Ha Skinny Girl
Nikon Souphan Elevator Gunman
Ri-Jie Kwok Getaway Driver
George Vidalis Cawdor
Terry Lim Chinese Businessman
Norman Keller Duncan's Bald Bodyguard
Charles Lavea-Williams Duncan's Bearded Bodyguard
Socratis Otto Detective Mentieth
Christopher Kirby Seton
Ruby O'Rourke Singer on TV
Katherine Tonkin Lady Macbeth's Maid
Craig Stott Fleance
Corinne Davies Ross's Girl
Saskia Sansom Angus's Girl
Edwina Wren Malcolm's Girl
Kat Stewart Lady Macduff
Louis Corbett Macduff's Son
Chris Vance Detective Caithness
Jamie-Lee Wilson Female Constable
Peter Davenport Constable Michael
Esther Usher Barmaid
Katie James Barmaid
Inouk Arnall Reporter on TV
Siros Niaros Scar Mouthed Henchman
Jarrah Cocks One Eye Henchman
Robert Shook Long Haired Henchman
Kym Gyngell Doctor
Haiha Le Skinny Girl
Producer: Martin Fabinyi
Writer: Victoria Hill,William Shakespeare
Worth Seeing
Perhaps it was the fact that I went to see the movie after reading the (mostly) negative reviews here, but I found that the movie far exceeded my expectations. It's true that the dialog comes off as a little odd when the movie first starts but it was easy to adjust to and by the end, as another reviewer said, it really seems to fit with the movie. Sam Worthington does an excellent job at playing the haunted character of Macbeth. For the most part the other actors do extremely well with their role as well. The action scenes seem to have songs that are actually appropriate as opposed to ones focusing on what big star they can throw in.

All in all, I think it certainly deserves a higher rating than it has been receiving. It may not be the movie of the year but it was extremely enjoyable.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.9
Musician: John Clifford White
Running time: 109 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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