"Malcolm in the Middle"

Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (2007)
"Un-Dead at 30,000 Feet. "
David Chisum Truman
Kristen Kerr Megan
Kevin J. O'Connor Frank
Richard Tyson Paul Judd
Erick Avari Dr. Bennett
Derek Webster Long Shot
Todd Babcock Co-Pilot Randy
Siena Goines Anna
Mieko Hillman Stacy
Raymond J. Barry Capt Banyon (as Raymond Barry)
Sarah Laine Cara
Brian Ames Tony
Brian Kolodziej Peter
Ashley Bashioum Jackie
Laura Cayouette Dr. Kelly
Dale Midkiff Dr. Lucas
Brian Thompson Kevin
Tucker Smallwood Col. Wolff
David Spielberg Dr. Conroy
Heidi Marnhout Emily
Cliff Weissman Dr. Sebastian
Eric Price Madison
Michael Tomlinson Ted (as Mike Tomlinson)
Ingrid Raines Tammy
Claudia Katz Nun
David Feldman Porter
Takashi Masunaga Business Man
Richard Murken Fighter Pilot (as Rick Murken)
Megan Wagner Flight Attendant
Amelia Beaugard Passenger (uncredited)
Heather Brooker Passenger / Zombie (uncredited)
Lisa Carletto Business Class Passenger #2 / Zombie (uncredited)
Michael Carney First Class Passenger / Zombie (uncredited)
Bryeon Earle First Class Passenger / Zombie (uncredited)
Nicholas Garren Passenger / Zombie (uncredited)
Elza Minor Passenger / zombie (uncredited)
Alan Rackley Passenger / Zombie (uncredited)
Ricky Russert Economy Passanger (uncredited)
Tennille Villagomez Economy Passenger (uncredited)
Joseph Weber-Grubbs Zombie (uncredited)
Producer: David Shoshan
Writer: Sidney Iwanter,Mark Onspaugh
VERY fine Zombie movie!!
I didn't know ANYTHING about this movie until last night. Expected a crappy low budget ripoff of "Snakes on a Plane". But since this was made BEFORE "Snake" I guess it's the other way around ;) Well as I said I expected a crappy movie in the Sci-Fi Channel mold. But what I got was an EXTREMELY entertaining action/horror that puts this Zombie flick on the same top 10 list as Rodrigues "Planet Terror".

Sure it's a low budget movie but I doesn't feel like it. I would gladly have paid for a ticket to seen it on the big screen.

Now THIS is how you make use of a limited budget.

We got HUGE amounts of Zombies and gore (okey not like Planet Terror but plenty enough) and lot's of action and explosions, especially in the last half hour.

What I also liked was the characters. Usually in low budget movies we get the most crappiest and annoying actors on the planet, but in this one they can ACTUALLY act, and most of them are likable as well.

Not unlike Snakes on a Plane where you HATED them all ;)

The Zombie make-up FX were brilliant and they were the crazy brutal type of zombies as in the remake of Dawn of the Dead. They actually made me jump a few times as well. Now THAT doesn't happen to often ;)

Except for a few CGI shots this have the look and feel of a real theater movie. Shame it went the Direct to Video route with a crappy cover.

This is a movie that deserves an following.

So look it up folks. It's a classic :)

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.7
Musician: Nathan Wang
Running time: 89 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Everything else:
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