"Malcolm in the Middle"

Fracture (2007)
"If you look close enough, you'll find everyone has a weak spot. "
An attorney intent on climbing the career ladder toward success, finds an unlikely opponent in a manipulative criminal he's trying to prosecute.
Anthony Hopkins Theodore 'Ted' Crawford
Ryan Gosling DDA William 'Willy' Beachum
David Strathairn DA Joe Lobruto
Rosamund Pike Nikki Gardner
Embeth Davidtz Jennifer Crawford
Billy Burke Lt. Robert Nunally
Cliff Curtis Detective Flores
Fiona Shaw Judge Robinson
Bob Gunton Judge Gardner
Josh Stamberg Norman Foster
Xander Berkeley Judge Moran
Zoe Kazan Mona
Judith Scott Resident
Gary Cervantes Ciro (as Carlos Cervantes)
Petrea Burchard Dr. Marion Kang
Garz Chan Assistant Hotel Manager
Wendy Cutler Gladys
Larry Sullivan Lee Gardner
Valerie Dillman Peg Gardner
Gonzalo Menendez Uniform Cop
Vivica Genaux Opera Singer
Cooper Thornton Public Defender
Lyle Kanouse Messenger
Sandra Prosper Karla
Monica Garcia Crawford’s Secretary
Joe Spano Judge Joseph Pincus
Peter Breitmayer NTSB Guy
Mirron E. Willis Moran’s Bailiff
David Purdham Burt Wooton
John Littlefield Cop
Lou Reyes SWAT Medic
Rainy Kerwin Wooton Sims Receptionist
R.J. Chambers Bailiff
Eugene Collier Bailiff
Tom Virtue Attorney Apley
Gunter Simon Orderly
Frank Torres Orderly
Payton Koch Kid
Cooper Koch Kid
Sophie Hoblit Kid
Caroline Weinstock Kid
Alexander Weinstock Kid
Michael Khmurov Russian Man (as Michael Khmourov)
Julia Emelin Russian Woman
Yorgo Constantine Public Defender for the Russians
Alla Korot Russian Translator
Jeff Enden Detective
Kaily Smith Lobruto's Secretary
Retta Evidence Room Cop
Kate Clarke Mrs. Lee Gardner (uncredited)
Klatann Thomas Medical Technician (uncredited)
Producer: Charles Weinstock
Writer: Daniel Pyne,Glenn Gers
Great chemistry
I thought the intellectual chess game between Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling was pure joy. What a pleasure to watch the two play mind games with each other -- with the audience in on the action. Thought the pace was good, the direction suspenseful. The only aspect of the movie that I would say was less than A+ was the love interest between Ryan Gosling and Rosamund Pike. I thought it a bit confusing that she was both his boss and his love interest. Not sure they needed the full love interest in the plot. All in all, a most entertaining movie. Other than that, the plot line of the legal case was engaging, understandable and realistic. I highly recommend it to those interested in movies that make you think.

Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 7.1
Musician: Jeff Danna
Running time: 113 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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