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Aces (2006)
USA / English
"Three Girls. One Summer. No Limit. "
Lacey Toups Brooke
Christina Morris Elle
Sheena Chou Pieti
Garret Sato Mr. Chow
Domino Diggity Domino
Jeremy Gilchrist Tattoo Guy
Dieter Schmitz Preppy Young Man
Lloyd Williams Grumpy Old Man
Joe Jones Producer-type Man
Aaron Harvey Jock #1
Andy Freeman Jock #2
Tony Jackson Poker Player #1
Tim Elwell Preston
Ivory Dortch Party Guest
Candise Lakota /td>
Director: Daniel Zirilli
Producer: Daniel Zirilli
Writer: D. Glase Lomond,Daniel Zirilli
Aces is Worth the Buy-In
"Aces" is a story about three girls who scam the underground poker circuit with a mixture of brains and hi-tech gadgetry. It's a low-budget film and can't be compared with the likes of "Rounders", but the hands are well thought out, and the relationships between the girls is believable (one is the newbie, another the patsy, and the third is the schemer/sexy decoy).

The scam tests their skills and their friendship, finally ending in Rio for the big game. The director keeps the energy/conflict going between them, and the writer did his homework re: poker. I liked that one of the girls stopped cheating and wanted to rely on her "smarts", and how she made a stand for her friends. I thought that sent a good message.

All in all, a fun and enjoyable little film. And don't miss the out takes during the credits - pretty funny.

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Imdb rating: 2.8
Musician: Nick Rivera
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