"Malcolm in the Middle"

Bordertown (2006)
"Lies. Corruption. Murder. One reporter will break the silence."
A journalist (Lopez) investigates a series of murders near American-owned factories on the border of Juarez and El Paso.
Jennifer Lopez Lauren Adrian
Antonio Banderas Alfonso Diaz
Kate del Castillo Elena Diaz
John Norman Senator Rawlings
Irineo Alvarez Domingo Esparza
Richard Barela Hospital Patient
Randall Batinkoff Frank Kozerski
Juan Diego Botto Marco Antonio Salamanca
Sonia Braga Teresa Casillas
Julio Cedillo Julio
Peter Gonzales Falcon Juarez Chief of Police
Zaide Silvia GutiƩrrez Lourdes Jimenez
Ronald Hamilton Father
Juanes Himself
Rachael Lucero Patient
Deborah Martinez Victim's mother
Rene Rivera Aris Rodriguez
Teresa Ruiz Cecilia Rojas
Martin Sheen George Morgan
Brandon Smith Mr. Adrian
Chris Talley Dinner Guest
Kim Thrasher Receptionist
Jorge Urzua Eduardo Lopez
Karolinah Villarreal Young Lauren Adrian
Maya Zapata Eva Jimenez
Dave Colon Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Producer: Simon Fields,Jennifer Lopez,Gregory Nava
Writer: Gregory Nava
Hollywood as can be
Its always nice when Hollywood picks up social themes which are not among the headlines. This movie deals with the deaths of assembly line working women in the free-trade zone of Mexico. The main actors are therefore Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas to make it believable but the movie gets really hard to bear at times. Basically it tries to hard to implement more drama in the story than it has to offer, so you get a poor indio women fleeing her rapist from her grave, a reporter with a dramatic back story from Mexico and a lot of fire, explosions, mix-ups and evil gangsters in government conspiracy plots. It soon gets too much and just piles up till the end. After all the movie is so busy with creating drama that the plot holes get unbearable. So its a conspiracy, but why are there piles of dead women on a scrapyard never to be mentioned again?? Its a nice try but I think a little more reality and less drama would have made it much easier to bear.

Nr of disks/tapes:2
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.6
Musician: Graeme Revell
Running time: 112 min
Subtitles: Svenska
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