"Malcolm in the Middle"

Blood and Chocolate (2007)
"Temptation comes in many forms. "
A young teenage werewolf (Bruckner) is torn between honoring her family's secret and her love for a man (Dancy).
Agnes Bruckner Vivian
Hugh Dancy Aiden
Olivier Martinez Gabriel
Katja Riemann Astrid
Bryan Dick Rafe
Chris Geere Ulf
Tom Harper Gregor
John Kerr Finn
Jack Wilson Willem
Vitalie Ursu Constani
Bogdan Voda Albu
Kata Dobó Beatrice
Rodica Mandache Mrs. Bellagra
Sandu Mihai Gruia Pharmacist (as Sandu Gruia)
Helga Racz Young Vivian
Lia Bugnar Young Vivian's Mother
Mihai Calin Young Vivian's Father
Sofia Vladu Vivian's Sister
David Finti Vivian's Brother
Anatole Taubman Bartender
Pete Lee-Wilson Krall
Maria Dinulescu Sexy Redhead
Raluca Aprodu Girlfriend #1
Simona Cuciurianu Girlfriend #2
Alexandru Barba Little Boy
Romeo Raicu Truck Driver
Iulian Pana Club Bouncer
Tudor Istodor Desk Man
Mihai Dinvale Maitre’d
Florin Busuioc Jail Guard
Jasmin Tabatabai Nightclub Singer
Silviu Sanda Band Player (Bass)
Cristian Anca Band Player (Guitar)
Razvan Gorcinski Band Player (Drums)
Dan Mihai Leompescu Band Player (Keyboards)
Cristi Dimitriu Band Player (Percussion)
Samela A. Beasom Choir
Susan Judy Choir
Christen Herman Choir
Daniel J. Plaster Choir
Producer: Wolfgang Esenwein,Hawk Koch,Gary Lucchesi,Tom Rosenberg,Richard S. Wright,Richard Wright
Writer: Ehren Kruger,Christopher B. Landon
Don't immediately dismiss this movie. It is surprisingly well done.
I have to admit, I didn't walk into the theater with high hopes. All the talk about it not being close to the book creep-ed me out and I braced myself for disappointment. But it didn't come. The movie did have some down points that could have been avoided, but that wasn't enough to make it bad.

Hugh Dancy's acting was great, and he was unbelievably cute in the movie. Agnes Bruckner was not much to watch. She didn't really bring anything special to the screen, and her acting was very robotic. The rest of the cast was awesome.

I think the best part about the movie was the Cinematography. I really enjoyed the effects and the camera movements were highly skilled and a joy to watch.

Now the bad part. For all the people out there that have read the book(which includes me) and liked it, you could be in for a wild ride. They made drastic changes to major parts of the book, one would be the removment of Vivians Mother, Esme, which through the movie off balance for a bit. It does, however, pick up the pieces and comes off with a very interesting story instead.

One other thing I didn't fancy about the movie was Rafe and the Five. The fact that they ended up to be Vivians cousins, or at least Rafe, which takes away another good story found in the book. Gabriel certainly isn't like his character in the book and that really saddened me. Out of all the characters, he was very one dimensional.

Now, the movie is nothing like the book except for a few major details and the producers added there own twist to them. If you ask me, lots of the changes were un-called for, but you just have to look past them. If you put the book out of your mind when you go to see it and try not to compare (which ended up to be very easy since the movie is so different you can't even tell it was based on the book) then I think you will enjoy this. You have to to try to like it for what it is and not hate it for what it should be. Oh, and don't bring you little kitties to this. There are a few gore scenes(not to explicit but enough) and some mature content. I wouldn't have categorized it as horror, but it does have a certain atmosphere that gives you the chills. I highly recommend this movie for it is the best werewolf movie you will probably ever run into. I rate it 9/10, and that is only because it is not enough like the book that is should be.

Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.1
Musician: Reinhold Heil
Running time: 98 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [English]
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