"Malcolm in the Middle"

Nina Frisk (2007)
Sven Ahlström Linus
Mikael Alsberg Marika's father
Johan Ehn Gunnar
Alexandra Eisenstein Extra
Urban Eldh Krister
Gunnel Fred Marie-Louise
Daniel Götschenhjelm Marcus
Tekla Granlund Ninas Kollega
Jannike Grut Pilots wife
Sofia Helin Nina Frisk
Anja Landgré Marika's mother
Inga Landgré Marika's grandmother
Lukas Loughran Jens
Gunilla Nyroos Jill
Anna Maria Poppe Marika
Mats Rudal Pilot
Producer: Lars Jönsson
Writer: Maria Blom
Comedy in darkness and light
This is Swedish director Maria Blom's second movie. The first one was "Masdjävlar" a promising debut. The follow-up is a little weaker.

It's about the air hostess (Sofia Helin) from a dysfunctional family, who finds a somewhat dysfunctional boyfriend with a 5-year-old son. Her relation with her mother, acted with total presence by Gunilla Nyroos, is a matter of tolerance and laughter and black understreams.

The interaction with the brother, brilliant played by Sven Ahlström, is both comforting and a little destructive, but all the time on the right side of the border. There are depths here that could have been more penetrated, and that makes the movie all right, but not more than so.

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 5.0
Musician: Anders Nygårds
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