"Malcolm in the Middle"

American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007)
Robbie Amell Nick Anderson
Bradford Anderson Jake
Tatiana Anderson Body Building Chick
Christine Barger Margie
Shannon Beckner Manni
Angela Besharah Irene Wright
Pilar Cazares Peaches
Erica Cox Candy
Joe Eigo Dexter Lee
Samantha Fletcher Hot Girl #2
Dawne Furey Stripper
Alexandria Galante Hot Girl #1
Moshana Halbert Sara Coleman
Meghan Heffern Ashley
Ace Hicks Hot Brunette
Ashleigh Hubbard Tiffany
Tiffany Hubbard
Jonathan Keltz Wesley
Eugene Levy Mr. Levenstein
Sarah Lian Hot Asian Girl
Mei-Yin Lloyd Flight Attendant
Christopher McDonald Mr. Stifler
Nic Nac Bobby Coolidge
Jessica Nichols Hot Model
Sabrine Oliveira
Sarah Power Denise
Jordan Prentice Rock
Italia Ricci Laura Johnson
Vasanth Saranga Bandhu Ikshan
Tyrone Savage Edgar Willis
Julia Schneider Hot Girl ##
Stephany Sexton Hot T.A.
Jake Siegel Cooze
Jaclyn A. Smith Jill
Marina Stone Beta House Sorority Girl
Michelle Suppa Julie
Steve Talley Dwight Stifler
Kasia Vassos Hot Blonde
John White Erik Stifler
Producer: W.K. Border
Writer: Adam Herz,Erik Lindsay
Another American Pie wannabe...
Why do they even try? I mean, come on, how long they think the whole "Stifler" hype will last? Just stop it! It's not even funny anymore, it's just sad...

As you figured out from the title of the movie, Beta House, is about a fraternity, freshmen, girls and, the most original part of them all, falling in love. Of course, the guy that has his way with the chicks is Stifler, who, along with his mates, tries to complete another apparently impossible task. I won't reveal more about this "original" plot in order not to spoil your fun, if you decide to watch this "class A comedy".

To sum it up: awful acting + dull script + wrong use of the American Pie franchise = total waste of time! This movie is unbearable, but if u decide to see it after all, make sure you bring your friends. Hey, at least you won't suffer alone! :))

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 5.5
Musician: Jeff Cardoni
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