"Malcolm in the Middle"

Öga rött, Ett (2007)
Sweden / Swedish
Evin Ahmad Yasmine
Anwar Albayati Dalanda
Sofia Bach Carin
Adel Bakhani Taxi driver
Hassan Brijany Halim's father
Lars-Erik Friberg /td>
Asmaa Houri Halim's mother
Nassos Kostopoulos /td>
Birgitta Lekander Kuratorn
Matilda Lindberg Zerafina
Anne Lindblom /td>
Cecilia Ljung Kerstin
Shebly Niavarani Jasmine's father
Mikael Persbrandt Mikael persbrandt
Tayeb Ribib Taxi driver
Kemal Sener Curre
Youssef Skhayri Halim
Fyr Thorvald Strömberg /td>
Marcus von Plenker-Tind Hristo
Director: Daniel Wallentin
Producer: Fredrik Wikström
Writer: Daniel Wallentin,Fredrik Wikström
Best Swedish movie for a long, long time!
When i went to see this movie, i thought it would be a great movie, but when i had watched it it was much better. It starts like a feel-good comedy, with dance scenes and songs, then it slowly, slowly walks down to be a kind of sad drama. Of course at the end you sit in the cinema with a big smile on your face, and thinks "i have to see this one again". Anyway it is a very smart movie, with many surrealistic scenes, for example a the playground, when Halim is making groups out of the pupils. The actors are great, especially Hassan Brijany who plays Halims father. The music is enjoyable and the script is very funny(based on the book by: Johan Hassen Khemiri), and at the end a perfect drama/comedy.

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Imdb rating: 5.0
Musician: Johan Testad
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