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I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007)
"They're as straight as can be, but don't tell anyone. "
Two straight, single Brooklyn firefighters (Sandler, James) pretend to be a gay couple in order to receive domestic partner benefits.
Adam Sandler Chuck Levine
Kevin James Larry Valentine
Jessica Biel Alex McDonough
Dan Aykroyd Captain Phineas J. Tucker
Ving Rhames Fred G. Duncan
Steve Buscemi Clinton Fitzer
Nicholas Turturro Renaldo Pinera
Allen Covert Steve
Rachel Dratch Benefits Supervisor
Richard Chamberlain Councilman Banks
Nick Swardson Kevin McDonough
Blake Clark Crazy Homeless Man
Mary Pat Gleason Teresa the Maid
Matt Winston Glen Aldrich
Lance Bass Band Leader
Dave Matthews Womens Clothes Clerk
Dan Patrick New York Cop
Rob Corddry Jim the Protestor
Robert Smigel Ron the Mailman
Richard Kline Mr. Auerbach
Gary Valentine Karl Eisendorf
Jonathan Loughran David Nootzie
Peter Dante Tony Paroni
J.D. Donaruma J.D.
Michael Buscemi Higgy
Cole Morgen Eric Valentine
Shelby Adamowsky Tori Valentine
Brad Grunberg Bernie
John Farley Criminal Voiceover
Becky O'Donohue Darla (as Rebecca O'Donohue)
Jessica O'Donohue Donna
Chandra West Doctor Honey
Jackie Sandler Teacher
Judith Sandler Brooklyn Woman
Sandy Wernick Jail Guard
Kevin Grady Bailiff
Dennis Dugan Cab Driver
Kathleen Doyle Bernie’s Mother
Candace Kita Hooters Girl
Jina Song Hooters Girl
Jamie Chung Hooters Girl
Tila Nguyen Hooters Girl (as Tila 'Tequila' Nguyen)
Lena Yada Hooters Girl
Tyler McKinney African-American Boy
Delaney Keefe Pigtailed Girl
Conner Wiles Jerky Boy
Mark Higgins Fireman
David Connare Fireman
Tom Silardi Fireman
Billy Concha Fireman
Darryl Adone Fireman
Chris Atwell Fireman
Kevin Nolan Fireman
Robert Harvey Fireman
Larry Newman Officer Newman
Adam Herschman Mr. Pickle's Employee
Michael Westphal Gay Partygoer
Tracy Bennett Gay Partygoer
Marc Vann Protestor
Bud Mathis Protestor
Chuck Church Protestor
Michael P. Catanzarite Doorman (as Michael Peter Catanzarite)
Jennifer Kushner Lesbian
Lauren Lamonsoff Cute Girl in Crowd
James Emory Jr. County Clerk (as James Emory)
Larry Bullock Calendar Guy
Tim Wiles Gay Friend
August 'Augie' Johnson Wedding Singer
Reagie Clark Wedding Singer
Milton Ellis Wedding Singer
Anthony Hicks Wedding Singer
Ted Perlman Wedding Singer
Stephen Dress Wedding Musician
Taylor Graves Wedding Musician
Tamara McDonough Telephone Computer Voice
Rob Schneider Asian Minister
David Spade Guy in Playmate Costume (uncredited)
Producer: Michael Bostick,James D. Brubaker,Jack Giarraputo,Adam Sandler,Tom Shadyac
Writer: Barry Fanaro,Alexander Payne
Much better than I expected
I saw this movie yesterday with my boyfriend, my best friend, and another male. Several minutes into the movie I turned to my best friend and whispered "What have these guys dragged us to?" and rolled my eyes at the movie that I assumed would be another hour and a half of male oriented comedy. I was way wrong. Half an hour into the movie my sides hurt from laughing, and by the end I couldn't stop smiling at not only the humour, but the surprising good moral taught by this movie.

What begins as lame humour accompanied by nearly naked women, quickly turns into a heart-warming comedy about friendship and the definition of love. Not to say it doesn't still have a fair bit of goofiness and humour, because there's definitely a lot of that too; hilarious movie in my opinion.

I ended up being so glad we had chosen to attend this movie. When I saw the previews weeks before I hadn't even considered going to see it, but now I'm happy I did. Hilarious movie, great actors, and a cute message hidden underneath, what more could you ask for?

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 6.3
Musician: Rupert Gregson-Williams
Running time: 110 min
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