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I-See-You.Com (2006)
"What would you do for your 15 minutes of fame? "
A 17-year-old boy buys mini-cameras and displays the footage online at I-see-you.com. The cash rolls in as the site becomes a major hit. Everyone seems to have fun until it all comes crashing down....
Beau Bridges Harvey Bellinger
Rosanna Arquette Lydia Ann Layton
Mathew Botuchis Colby Allen
Shiri Appleby Randi Sommers
Dan Castellaneta Jim Orr
Baelyn Neff Audrey Bellinger
Victor Alfieri Ciro Menotti
Tracee Ellis Ross Nancy Tanaka
Doris Roberts Doris Bellinger
Hector Elizondo Greg Rishwain
Tiffany Baldwin Jessica
Will Dixon Todd
Jeff Halbleib Klosen Executive #2
Brittany Petros Klosen Executive #3
Benton Jennings HR Executive
Jordan Savage HR Executive
Michael Merton HR Executive
Rebecca Lin HR Executive
John Brantley Cole HR Executive
Dawn Reavis HR Executive
Victoria Boa HR Executive
John Ciccolini HR Executive
Rod Tate Gangbanger
Davis Rushing Teen Harvey
Andrea Silvers Co-ed Voyeur
Mary Hart Herself
Lisa Joyner Herself
Barry Kibrick Himself
Heather Harrison Bank Teller
Mark Parrish Stud at Talent Agency
Patricia Overly Store Manager
Jordan Paddock Teen #1
Charles Chen Teen #2
Helene McCardle Randi's Mom
Gerry Katzman Insytive Executive #1
Paul Denniston Insytive Executive #2
Michael Hegedus Insytive General Counsel
John K. Wilson Reporter #1
Emelle Reporter 2
Kristi Tobin Police Officer
Stewart Skelton Financial Newscaster #1
Bart Shattuck Financial Newscaster #2
Shea Curry Cloe
Garry Marshall Himself
Don LaFontaine Himself
Jeff Marlow Man in Elevator
Shaun Russell Parole Officer
John Patrick Walsh Bank Manager
Producer: Robert Egan,Hector Elizondo,Mirela Girardi,Eric Steven Stahl
Writer: Sean McLain,Eric Steven Stahl
A very funny spoof on todays way of life.
Having lived in the Los Angeles all my long life, I have watched it change from a hard working, sharing, caring type attitude to a "skys the limit" fun filled me first ego type attitude. Here is a movie that does a great job at poking fun at our present way of life. It probably will get a R rating for sex and language, which is definitely LA today.

The cast did a really great job portraying their characters. It looked like they were having a lot of fun making this very funny, ridiculous, spoof of todays life style and the toys we "adults" play with. They take the usage of the credit cards, the computers, the video cams and our other "adult" toys to the nth degree.

If you can laugh at yourself, you will laugh at this. The audience that I was in liked it so much that they applauded at the end.

Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 5.7
Musician: Kevin Kiner
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