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Zozo (2005)
Sweden / Arabic
"There is always hope. "
Story of an Arabic boy moving from Lebanon to Sweden.
Imad Creidi Zozo
Antoinette Turk Rita
Elias Gergi Zozo's grandfather
Carmen Lebbos Zozo's Mom
Viktor Axelsson Leo
Charbel Iskandar Zozo's father
Yasmine Awad Zozo's grandmother
Jad Stehpan Zozo's brother Dani
Tatiana Sarkis Zozo's sister
Elie Stello Amil
Fidel Béchara Riad
Fouad Hojeij Headmaster Lebanon
Abdallah Jabbour French Teacher
Nazem Issa Kaak Salesman
Elias Abdul Bread Salesman (as Elias Abdul Ahad)
Director: Josef Fares
Producer: Anna Anthony
Writer: Josef Fares
One of the strongest movies I've seen.
The story of a boy who's living in Beirut during the war, He and his family are waiting for their papers in order to leave Lebanon and seek refuge in Sweden.... The horrors of war and the way it affects civilians is shown in this movie and it won't leave you untouched. But even in the most serious situations there is room for jokes and you will alternate between crying and laughing.

This is one of the strongest movies I've seen! I've never admired any director or even known that they were alive until yesterday when I saw Zozo. With three great movies (this one is the best) Joseph Fares has shown that he truly masters the art of telling a story.

I sincerely hope this movie is translated into English and other languages and if it doesn't get nominated for best foreign movie something is not right.

Don't miss this movie!

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Storage device:Divx 1
Imdb rating: 6.9
Musician: Adam Nordén
Running time: 103 min (Toronto International Film Festival)
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