Yeui-eomneun geotdeul
Öga rött, Ett

Kwai tsan tseh (1984)
HongKong / Cantonese
"Not since Don Quixote has Spain had so much fun! "
Cousins Jackie and David, owners of a mobile restaurant, team up with their friend Moby, a bumbling private detective...
Jackie Chan Thomas
Sammo Hung Kam-Bo Moby (as Samo Hung)
Biao Yuen David (as Yuen Biao)
Lola Forner Sylvia
Benny Urquidez Thug
Keith Vitali Thug
Herb Edelman Matt
Susana Sentís Gloria (as Susanna Sentis)
Mercedes Albert /td>
Miguel Aniles /td>
Paul Chang David's father
Josep L. Dallester /td>
Mariló Domínguez /td>
Josep Lluís Fonoll (as J. Fonoll)
Montserrat Julió (as Monserrat Julio)
Sau Leung 'Blacky' Ko Motorcycle Punk
Luis Monte /td>
Germán Monzó /td>
Amparo Moreno /td>
Richard Ng Brilliant Patient
Luis Palenzuela /td>
José Sancho (as Pepe Sancho)
John Sham Laughing Patient
Ma Wu Human Clock
Director: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
Producer: Raymond Chow
Writer: Antonio Llorens,Edward Tang
If you have seen Rush Hour and its sequel and you were impressed you have to see this one. If you have seen "Martial Law", and you were impressed you have to see this. And also you will meet the other star of this group of Masters of the Martial Arts and Comedy Yuen Biao.

Jackie, Sammo and Yuen play a group of losers that get in trouble in Spain, the rest is a non-stopping adventure full of incredible fights, laughs and healthy fun. Wheel on Meals is probably the ultimate mix of Kung Fu, Acrobatics and Funny Gags spawned by the admired Sammo Hung, he's got an incredible eye for action, that's why he's one of the best directors alive.

Jackie leading here is at his best along with his partners Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, they fight with an incredible physical ability, and not casually among the many thugs they kick are some real champs like Benny Urquidez or Keith Vitali. In the closing credit don't miss the bloopers, watching the bloopers the admiration we feel for the great Jackie increases. But Jackie not only uses his legs and fists to make you laugh he puts some funny faces that could make people fall off their seats laughing. The good thing in the movie is that there's enough of Sammo, Jackie and Yuen, every Fighter has their memorable moments on-screen. "Kwai tsan tseh" is a Masterpiece of humorous action.

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Imdb rating: 6.8
Running time: 98 min / USA
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