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300 (2006)
USA / English
"Prepare for glory! "
King Leonidas and a force of 300 men fight the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.
Giovani Cimmino Pleistarchos (as Giovani Antonio Cimmino)
Rodrigo Santoro Xerxes
Andrew Tiernan Ephialtes
Andrew Pleavin Daxos
Tom Wisdom Astinos
Michael Fassbender Stelios
Vincent Regan Captain
David Wenham Dilios
Dominic West Theron
Lena Headey Queen Gorgo
Gerard Butler King Leonidas
Stephen McHattie Loyalist
Greg Kramer Ephor #1
Alex Ivanovici Ephor #2
Kelly Craig Oracle Girl
Eli Snyder Leonidas at 7
Tyler Max Neitzel Leonidas at 15 yrs
Tim Connolly Leonidas' Father
Marie-Julie Rivest Leonidas' Mother
Sebastian St. Germain Fighting Boy (12 years old)
Peter Mensah Messenger
Dennis St John Spartan Baby Inspector
Neil Napier Spartan with Stick
Dylan Smith Sentry #1 (as Dylan Scott Smith)
Maurizio Terrazzano Sentry #2
Robert Paradis Spartan General
Kwasi Songui Persian
Alexandra Beaton Burned Village Child
Frédéric Smith Statesman
Loucas Minchillo Spartan Baby A
Nicholas Minchillo Spartan Baby B
Tom Rack Ephor #3
David Francis Ephor #4
James Bradford Ephor #5
Andrew Shaver Free Greek-Potter
Robin Wilcock Free Greek-Sculptor
Kent McQuaid Free Greek-Blacksmith
Marcel Jeannin Free Greek-Baker
Jere Gillis Spartan General #2
Jeremy Thibodeau Spartan Boy
Tyrone Benskin Persian Emissary
Robert Maillet Uber Immortal (Giant)
Patrick Sabongui Persian General
Leon Laderach Executioner
Dave Lapommeray Persian General Slaughtered
Vervi Mauricio Armless Concubine
Charles Papasoff Blacksmith
Isabelle Champeau Mother at Market
Veronique-Natale Szalankiewicz Daughter at Market (3 / 5 years old)
Maéva Nadon Girl at Market
David Thibodeau Boy #1 at Market
David Schaap Potter
Jean Michel Paré Other Council Guard
Stewart Myiow Persian General
Andreanne Ross Concubine #1
Sara Giacalone Concubine #2
Ariadne Bourbonnière Kissing Concubine #1
Isabelle Fournel Kissing Concubine #2
Sandrine Merette-Attiow Contortionist
Elisabeth Etienne Dancer
Danielle Hubbard Dancer
Ruan Vibegaard Dancer
Genevieve Guilbault Slave Girl
Bonnie Mak Slave Girl
Amélie Sorel Slavegirl
Caroline Aspirot Slave Girl
Gina Gagnon Slave Girl
Tania Trudell Slave Girl
Stéphanie Aubry Slave Girl
Mercedes Leggett Slave Girl
Atif Y. Siddiqi Transsexual (Arabian) #3 (as Atif Siddiqi)
Stephania Gambarova Slave Girl
Chanelle Lamothe Slave Girl
Sabrina-Jasmine Guilbault Slave Girl
Manny Cortez Tuazon Transsexual (Asian) #1
Camille Rizkallah Giant with Arrow
Trudi Hanley Long Neck Woman
Neon Cobran Litter Bearer / Slave
Gary A. Hecker Ubermortal Vocals (voice)
Deke Richards Spartan Soldier
Marc Trottier Spartan Warrior (uncredited)
Director: Zack Snyder
Producer: Mark Canton,Bernie Goldmann,Gianni Nunnari,Jeffrey Silver
Writer: Zack Snyder,Kurt Johnstad
The Evolution of Epic Battles
After gaving us some of the greatest epic movies in the last 50 years,it was clear that filmmakers needed to take them to the next level.

But how can you make a new movie,for the audience to like,without recycling old material?

Answer:You improve what old filmmakers couldn't:Graphics.

Ben Hur,Braveheart,Gladiator,Spartacus and perhaps even Troy are only some of the epic movies that gave the audience so big thrills that they cannot be repeated. Almost every epic movie that will be made today,no matter how good the story will be or how faithful will be to reality,is bound to repeat itself.We got examples from Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven.

300 doesn't apply to this category.Besides it takes the epic to the next level.And more are like to follow.

Just like in the Lord of the Rings,much CGI was used here.

The result? This movie was a pleasure for the eye.

All the camera work and graphics exceeded my expectations. I thought they were comparable,if not better,to the LOTR,go see for yourselves.

I could write something about the plot or the actors's outstanding performances(especially Gerard Butler' see,being Greek-Italian,I wanted the best from the actors..Butler gave it. The anger in his eyes,the fury in his voice and the violence in his actions really reminded an ancient Greek king),but I won't ruin it for you. You must see it to understand how great this movie is.

But always remember that this is a movie that is based on a graphic novel and is by no means a faithful depiction of what really happened in Thermopylae in 480 B.C. All those who will pay the ticket to see this movie,must be prepared not for a historic movie,but for a stylish battle movie.

This movie,together with the LOTR,is the entrance to the 21st century's new epic movies.

Kudos to Zack Snyder,who came from nowhere and has,already from Dawn of the Dead,proved that he is a brilliant and capable director. We will surely see more of him in the upcoming years.

So,you read my Comment?

Aren't you curious?

What are you waiting for?

Run to the nearest cinema,see this piece of art and when you are finished don't forget to come to IMDb to vote. This movie is destined to be at least in the top 100.

C'mon people!Hail for 300,the Evolution of Epic Battles!

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 8.0
Musician: Tyler Bates
Running time: 117 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
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