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The Unknown (2005)
USA / English
"Some Legends Never Die. "
When a group of poachers are found dead in the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest, a mob of revenge hungry hunters pursue the beast while four high school seniors try to save it.
Dylan Purcell Richard Winslow
Brandon Henschel Jay Kelter
Miles O'Keeffe Ed Janzer
Jack Conley Sheriff Drake Kassel
Chelsea Hobbs Jenny Ackers
Casey LaBow Shea Landers
Nathaniel Arcand Ranger John Eagleheart
Michael Bailey Smith Manny
Cooper Huckabee Tom
Christian Boeving Leo
Bill Bragg Dennis Vancamp
John Patrick Lowrie Mayor Potts
David 'Shark' Fralick Ray
Lee Purcell Doris Winslow
Andrew James Allen Freshman Kid
Don Brady Poacher #2
Paul Cagney Jim
Cecil Cheeka Townsperson
Susan Connors Rose Kelter
Walter Dalton Townsperson
Maureen Hawkins Townsperson #2
Art Hickman Poacher #3
John LoPresti Bartender
Nancy Slick Mrs. Olson
Hunor Tasnadi Townsperson #1
Director: Karl Kozak
Producer: Bill Bragg,Dick Fisher,Karl Kozak
Writer: Karl Kozak,Don J. Rearden
Decent for a low-budget film
This was obviously a low-budget film but even so it wasn't so bad. I've definitely seen tons worse low-budget films. This didn't have anything really special or outstanding to offer but with the money they had to make it they did quite well. The acting wasn't too bad. The sound could have been better but that's just because of the lack of funds to pad that area. The big foot costume could have used a little more work tho in my opinion. As well, the views when we were looking thru bigfoots vision were level with the top of a car and not of something 8 feet tall lol. This is worth a view if there's nothing better on but don't expect too much, just enough to pass the time.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 1
Imdb rating: 3.3
Musician: Larry Groupé
Running time: 85 min
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