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Twisted Sisters (2006)
Germany / English
"Nobody gets in her way... "
Twisted Sisters is a dark thriller dealing with the personal struggle between two twins. Jennifer was given everything a girl could wish for...
Fiona Horsey Jennifer/Norah
Andrew Southern Alan
Paul Conway DI Caffrey
Eden Ford DS Woodgate
Pietro Herrera Bob
Ghadah Al-Akel Jennifer/Norah (voice)
Ben Biles Security Guard
Joan Blackham Jennifer's Mother
Wolfgang Büld Doctor
Dutch Dore-Boize Tom (voice)
Volker Endert Jennifer's colleague
Justin Fox Olivier (voice)
Mirco Hölling Jennifer's colleague
Timo Jacobs Tom
Marco Koch Jennifer's colleague
Dirk Kühsel Last Victim
Heiko Leesch Jennifer's colleague
Markus Leibold Jennifer's colleague
Carrie Lew Angry Neighbour
Frank Meyer-Brockmann Olivier
Lars Mierke Jennifer's colleague
Betsy Miller Pregnant Lady
Fabian Paffendorf Guy with Newspaper
Matthew Partridge CCTV Operator
Henna Peschel Alan's Friend (scenes deleted) (as Henrik Peschel)
Torsten Stegmann Hospital Security
Saskia J.E. Timm Jennifer's colleague
Heino Trusheim Barman
Verena Unbehaun Cleaning Lady
Director: Wolfgang Büld
Producer: Wolfgang Büld
Writer: Wolfgang Büld
Better than some of the direct to video crap released recently
From the moment it starts, Twisted Sisters has 'direct to video' written all over it. The performances are wretched; a feat which is matched by the phoney British accents and inane dialogue, the plot is ridiculous and the film puts a focus on gore to attempt to mask these unfortunate truths. The film actually reminded me of the minor hit Murder Set-Pieces in many ways as the plot is paper thin and serves only as an excuse for some mindless gore. However, despite the fact that Nick Palumbo's film had a bit more 'bite' with it's over the top set pieces and music score, the two films are about on par in terms of quality. The plot for this film takes obvious influence from Brian De Palma's hit Hitchcock tribute 'Sisters' and focuses on Jennifer - a young lass who 'has it all'. The cops begin to turn up a load of brutal murders in which the male victims have been castrated, and the blame is put on Jennifer. However, her parents later reveal that Jennifer wasn't an only child and, in fact, has a twin sister...

This film really isn't very good, but somehow director Wolfgang Büld manages to make it entertaining in spite of that. There has been a lot of direct to video exploitation garbage released recently, from the aforementioned Murder Set Pieces to the awful August Underground and Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, all the way back to crap but fun films such as Delta Delta Die. This one would be somewhere in the middle between the rubbish and the decent stuff, as the film does at least have its moments. The conclusion to the film provides a few highlights, and despite some choppy handling throughout; the director comes good by the end with some delightfully sick imagery that actually does fit the feel of the movie. The gore is obviously important in a film like this, and many will be glad to know that Twisted Sisters isn't short on it. Some of the set pieces in the movie are overly silly, however, and the one involving fireworks stands out both on that front, and for looking incredibly fake. Overall, this is hardly a good film; but it has some decent moments, and fans of direct to video trash might get some enjoyment out of it.

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Imdb rating: 4.0
Running time: 97 min
Subtitles: inga
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