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Turn Left (2006)
Germany / English
"One last heist. "
Three hit men and a young recruit come out of hiding to do one final job that promises to be a huge payday...
Chris Bland Jake
John Bourke Joe
Marc Coronado Kane
Leon Deavers FBI Agent Clark
Dominic Jackson FBI Agent #3
Viola Jackson FBI Forensic
Keyle Kosowsky Karen
Julia Leneschmidt Snobby Girl #2
Fred Melott Drunk Guy
Herdis Petrovic Bar Tender
Donald Phillips Businessman
Emma Potter News Caster
Teresa Schuldt Drunk Girl
Evelyn Sharma Snobby Girl #1
Karen Siber FBI Agent #4
Nadja Soukup Bounty Hunter
Alice Verberne Dead Lady
Erika Phillips Willumeit FBI Agent #5
James Yarborough Billy
Jürgen Zöller FBI Agent #2
Director: Dominic Jackson
Producer: Marc Coronado,Dominic Jackson
Writer: Marc Coronado,Dominic Jackson
One Hopeful Star Trying To Shine In A Very Dark Sky
Let's face it, whether a movie is big budget, low budget, or no budget at all, good writing and acting will shine through. Sadly, so will bad writing and bad acting. That's what happens in Turn Left. Bad writing and acting are prevalent. If the writer is new, perhaps he will improve. I won't count him out...yet.

There is a gem among the rubble, though. John Bourke gives a very promising glimpse of raw talent that could easily be turned into something very special with the right script and director. I plan to keep my eye out for him. I see a little Bruce Willis - Vin Diesel in this gentleman. Sort of the tough guy with the gentle giant sweet side built in. I hope this isn't the last film I see him in. I'd like to see what he does next.

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Imdb rating: 1.8
Running time: 75 min
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