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Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
UK / English
"Meet New James Bond [Japanese Theatrical] "
James Bond must stop a media mastermind from starting World War III for riches and fame.
Pierce Brosnan James Bond
Jonathan Pryce Elliot Carver
Michelle Yeoh Wai Lin
Teri Hatcher Paris Carver
Ricky Jay Henry Gupta
Götz Otto Stamper
Joe Don Baker Jack Wade
Vincent Schiavelli Dr. Kaufman
Judi Dench M
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Samantha Bond Miss Moneypenny
Colin Salmon Charles Robinson
Geoffrey Palmer Admiral Roebuck
Julian Fellowes Minister of Defence
Terence Rigby General Bukharin
Director: Roger Spottiswoode
Producer: Barbara Broccoli,Michael G. Wilson
Writer: Ian Fleming,Bruce Feirstein
Tomorrow has the power!
OK, this is what i call an action movie, a great one, it has everything you need to make your adrenaline flow. And of course it also does it for a Bond movie, it has funny lines, clichés, gadgets, and it deliver us a movie that is pure action and danger without losing the sense of humour (like all Bond movies).

James Bond had always fought to the powerful, but this is the first time, i think, that he deals to a press magnate like Elliot Carver, who cares nothing about an informed world as he says, but to get all the power and money that he can. In WW2, the men who took advantage of the war were those who manufactured weapons, in the 90's, the medias gain as much money as them, so Elliot decides to begin a war to have the complete coverage of the deed, so our fellow agent 007 must stoop this crazy guy from beginning a war just for economic reasons.... So, we can say the plot is quite good and original as well, nobody can say no.

And this movie was a great follow up to the blockbuster mega hit that was Goldeneye, Pierce Brosnan shining as the British agent, as he always did in his 007 period. Michelle Yeoh was great too, and she portrayed perfectly good the woman of the 90's: Independent, fighting side by side with men, even defeating them, smart, pretty, well the 90's woman......

The music by Sheryl Crow is lovely and sweet, and fits great into the atmosphere of the movie, something on what the producers of the Bond movies always lay stress on. A good Bond movie needs a good song, and a good car too, ja.

"The difference between craze and greatness is measured only by success" "There's no news, like bad news" This is an example of Carver's "philosophy" of life, funny thing to hear, you realize he is a crazy that believes what he says....

So, if you are an action lover this movie is for you, and if you are a Bond lover this movie will like you too.

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Imdb rating: 6.4
Musician: David Arnold
Running time: 119 min
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