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This Girl's Life (2003)
USA / English
"Slice of life" take on life of international porn celebrity, Moon, and her musings on modern life, love and loss.
James Woods Pops
Juliette Marquis Moon
Kip Pardue Kip
Tomas Arana Aronson
Michael Rapaport Terry
Rosario Dawson Martine
Isaiah Washington Shane
Ioan Gruffudd Daniel
Cheyenne Silver Cheyenne
Kam Heskin Jessie
Alexi Yulish Nick Hudson
Sean Douglas Marco
Sherrie Rose Nurse
Sung Hi Lee Kobi
Chase Bramlage Jason
Maria Cina Reporter
Ken Davitian /td>
Peter Dobson /td>
David Alan Graf Cab Driver
Jimmy Jean-Louis Action Jackson
Alexander Keith /td>
Kelli King Young Moon
Sangini Majmudar Indian wife
Isley Nicole Melton Friend
Joel Michaely Jetson
Jay Montalvo Latino man
Kimberly Rowe /td>
Bob Sattler Police Officer
Graham Shiels Skinhead
Katherine Taub Receptionist
Natalie Taylor Mal
Wendy Thompson Skinny Girl
Director: Ash
Producer: Ash,Chris Hanley,David Hillary,Boro Vukadinovic
Writer: Ash
Great Movie With a Less-Than-Great Ending
In fact, "This Girl's Life" seems to be two movies: first, it works over the relationships of internet pornstar Moon and the world around her - this part is truly great, with very well-constructed characters (specially Moon herself and her ill father, played by James Woods) and cleverly avoiding making judgements about anything; the second, which comes up on the final third of the movie, is clearly weaker, more moralist and somehow desconstructing the characters so wonderfully built on the first part.

All in all, a movie that deserves to be seen... but it's just a shame that the end isn't just a bit less "common"...

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 1
Imdb rating: 6.0
Musician: Bob Durham
Running time: 101 min (cut version)
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