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The Most Unromantic Man in the World (2006)
UK / English
"This years most twisted love story "
In the year 2000AD, a world-wide search was conducted to find The Most Unromantic Man in the World....
Chizzy Akudolu Chizzy
John Evans John
James Heath Heath
David Lumby David Lumby
Gordon Round Wayne
Yvonne Tansley Doreen Lumby
Director: Gratian Dimech,James Heath
Producer: Gratian Dimech,James Heath,Nick Heath,David Lumby,Lee Mason
Writer: Gratian Dimech,James Heath
Powerful story of a couple containing the most unromantic man
This movie is amazing! Hilarious, meaningful and heartbreaking at times! One of the best I have seen in 06. I know guys who act similar to David so it makes it hit a little closer to home. His friends are also hilarious and Dorines friends are animated and lively. If I was ever this ungrateful I would except to be left within the first or second argument. With only 81 running time it seems a little short but it is the perfect length for this flick. The soundtrack throughout the movie is amazing with each song setting the mood wonderfully for the next scene. I am amazed I stayed so glued to the screen. This could be a hard film to watch if you are a divorced or single, alcoholic male but the tone is so light and not to be taken seriously seeing how I hope no man could ever be like this. The ending is a force to be reckoned and is one of the best I have ever seen in a film. This will be watched multiple times.

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Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.4
Running time: 81 min
Subtitles: inga
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