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The Messengers (2007)
USA / English
"There is evidence to suggest that children are highly susceptible to paranormal phenomena. They see what adults cannot. They believe what adults deny. And they are trying to warn us. "
An ominous darkness invades a seemingly serene sunflower farm in North Dakota, and the Solomon family is torn apart by suspicion, mayhem and murder.
Kristen Stewart Jess Solomon
Dylan McDermott Roy Solomon
Penelope Ann Miller Denise Solomon
John Corbett Burwell Rollins
Evan Turner Ben Solomon
Theodore Turner Ben Solomon
William B. Davis Colby Price
Brent Briscoe Plume
Dustin Milligan Bobby
Jodelle Ferland Michael Rollins
Michael Daingerfield Police Officer
Tatiana Maslany Lindsay Rollins
Shirley McQueen Mary Rollins
Anna Hagan Doctor
Blaine Hart Charlie
Director: Oxide Pang Chun,Danny Pang
Producer: Sam Raimi,William Sherak,Jason Shuman,Robert G. Tapert
Writer: Mark Wheaton,Todd Farmer
Yeah.... No.
Just saw this movie on opening night. I read some other user comments which convinced me to go see it... I must say, I was not impressed. I'm so unimpressed that I feel the need to write this comment to spare some of you people some money.

First of all "The Messengers" is very predictable, and just not much of a thriller. It might be scary for someone under 13, but it really did nothing for me. The climax was laughable and most of the audience left before the movie's resolution.

Furthermore the acting seemed a little superficial. Some of the emotional arguments between the family were less convincing than the sub-par suspense scenes.

If you've seen previews for this movie, then you've seen most of the best parts and have a strong understanding of the plot. This movie is not worth seeing in the theaters.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 5.2
Musician: Joseph LoDuca
Running time: 84 min
Subtitles: Svenska
Audio tracks: Stereo [Swedish]
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