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The Hunt for Eagle One (2006)
USA / Tagalog
"The only thing harder than combat is rescue. "
A group of US Marines are sent to rescue captured a US Marine and a Filipino Captain while stopping a group of Al-Qaeda-backed local rebels from launching biological weapons.
Mark Dacascos Lt. Matt Daniels
Theresa Randle Capt. Amy Jennings
Rutger Hauer Gen. Frank Lewis
Joe Suba Capt. Seth Cooper
Zach McGowan Spec. Hank Jackson
Joe Fozzy Spec. Jeff Parker
Rey Malonzo Lt. Narcisco Montalvo
Ricardo Cepeda Maj. Aginaldo
Joe Mari Avellana Gen. Romero Panlilio (as Jose Mari Avellana)
Ronald Asinas Sgt. Tonito Bangayan
Robert Escutin Cpl. J.P. Daomilas
Jerry Corpuz Pvt. Amador Magtuto (as Jerry Corpus)
Troy de Guzman Pvt. Marvello Abaya
Reiven Bulado Pvt. Don Tubayan (as Raiven Bulado)
Joel Giray Pvt. Benito Duran
Director: Brian Clyde
Producer: Roger Corman,Cirio H. Santiago,Amy Searles
Writer: Michael Henry Carter,Michael Henry Carter
Save yourself from this
A dull plot, one dimensional characters and no money for special effects. Worst shooting ever! Magazines are emptied without hitting anyone at 20m distance and only the marines have hand grenades. Killing the bad guy is celebrated in a repeated slow motion but when he finally falls over miraculously none of the rifles caused any exit wounds. Of course what once has been just rebels now has ties to AKD (supposedly Al Qaida) and manufactures biological WMD's who just happen to be sitting right next to prison cell, very convenient. Maybe they should have called the movie "Counter Strike" like the game, so one would know what to expect.

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 3.6
Musician: Mel Lewis
Running time: 88 min
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