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The Black Hole (2006)
USA / English
"No force from this world can stop it! "
An atomic research experiment goes awry in St. Louis, Missouri unleashing not only a big black hole, but also a creature from beyond that feeds on electricity through the streets of this Midwest city.
Kristy Swanson Shannon Muir
Judd Nelson Eric Bryce
David Selby General Ryker
Heather Dawn Sgt. Bennett
Robert Giardina James
Jennifer Lyn Quackenbush Elizabeth Williams
Christa Campbell Advisor Coldwell
Julia Sinks Kayley
Peter Mayer General Tate
James Anthony Spencer Tolland
Kevin Beyer Dr. Hauser
Dan Buran Kent
Tim Snay Hayes
Adrian Rice Lt. Samson
Greg Carr Guardsman
Director: Tibor Takács
Producer: Kenneth M. Badish,Boaz Davidson,Avi Lerner
Writer: David Goodin
Black hole has lunch in Missouri
I knew from the trailers Sci-Fi channel was showing that this one would be totally insane. I watched anyway, figuring it would be at least good for some kitschy comedy, and a chance to see my home town of St. Louis get ripped. It did not disappoint (at being insane, that is).

A black hole is created artificially in a lab, but the black hole itself is not the only menace, as a strange electrical energy entity (that zaps people into oblivion) hitchhikes with it. This creature was actually kind of a creative plot device, since the movie really didn't seem to know what to do with the black hole other than devour stuff. Since there is a famous landmark in St. Louis, it's pretty obvious where the black hole goes for lunch (always moving along the ground in a 2-dimensional manner, by the way). As for the creature, it was utilized in some intriguing ways; but the explanation of its nature and intent was insufficiently developed, and could have been explored more.

Most everyone is at least somewhat familiar with basic scientific theory regarding black holes, and therefore will see a myriad of scientific absurdities, but if you view this silly nonsense without taking it seriously, it can be fun to watch. Toss disbelief into the black hole; or just play a game of "find the goofy science" as you watch.

The actors, given the weird script, really do approach the thing with urgency. When the scientist hero describes his quantum physics theories, you almost want to believe the offbeat premise of this movie. But then another bizarre thing happens and you're laughing hysterically again. There are the usual ploys and clichés: divorced dads, military that wants to use nukes, rogue scientists, TV news reporters doing play-by-play of destruction, etc.

Watch for loony amusement only. Science has been imploded in this "Black Hole."

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