Yeui-eomneun geotdeul
Öga rött, Ett

Stockholm Boogie (2005)
Sweden / Swedish
We are following the two cousins and best friends, Jerka and Hoffe, during a typical night out in Stockholm. It's summertime and anything can happen.
Erik Johansson Jerka
Jens Malmlöf Hoffe
Maria Lindström Nathalie
Erica Braun Terrorese
Maria Simonsson Mona
Nicklas Gustavsson Dörrvakt
Johan Wennerholm Dörrvakt 2
Simon Pramsten Dörrvakt 3
Johnny Gustafsson Steffe
Erik Zetterberg Bruno
Gustav Wållberg Skurken
Malou Hansson Agnieska
Matar Samba Taisto
Lars 'Sumpen' Sundbom Galen man i hus
Matias Padin Sofo (as Matias Padin Varela)
Director: John Lindgren
Producer: Anna Wallmark
Writer: John Lindgren,Karl-Uno Lindgren
Another typical Swedish movie
This movie got nothing you haven't seen before. The point is there is nothing new about it. It follows all the typical film-making guidelines and holds on to it without giving it anything new. It tries to be like a Hollywood production, and thats what ruins the movie. Its not wrong to watch the movie, but do it in a Wednesday afternoon, when you've got nothing else to do, because otherwise its not worth waisting your time.

Stockholm Boogie is a feel-good movie that takes place over one summer night. Its a film about friendship, jealousy, and love. A humorous triangle drama about learning to take your own decision, and about everyone needing somebody to love. A cliché.

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Storage device:DVD
Imdb rating: 5.2
Running time: 82 min / 81 min
Subtitles: inga
Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1 [Swedish]
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