9 millimeter
Öga rött, Ett

9/11: Press for Truth (2006)
USA / English
Kristen Breitweiser Herself
George W. Bush Himself (archive footage)
Patty Casazza Herself
Dick Cheney Himself (archive footage)
Monica Gabrielle Herself
Mindy Kleinberg Herself
Bob McIlvaine Himself
Michael Pritchard Narrator
Dan Rather Himself (archive footage)
Sally Regenhard Herself
Condoleezza Rice Herself (archive footage)
Paul Thompson Himself
Paul Thompson Himself
Lorie Van Auken Herself
Director: Ray Nowosielski
Producer: John Duffy,Kyle Hence
Writer: Kyle Hence,Ray Nowosielski
This film is necessary to watch if someone wants to know what facts were left out of the official 9/11 Commission Report. While steering clear of conspiracy theories and "what-if" scenarios, this film nonetheless explains much of what has been missing from our national discussion about the terrorist events of that day. All in all, the film is a damning examination of Bush Administration officials who got spanked by the now-famous Jersey Girls for doing less for U.S. citizens than they did for themselves and the Bin Laden family. Truth to power. That President George W. Bush has still not admitted what this film, and its many contemporaneous news sources, proved about his actions shows him to be a liar or an incompetent.

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Imdb rating: 8.3
Musician: Adam Johnson
Running time: 125 min (DVD)
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