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Snowfever (2004)
Netherlands / Dutch
A "Costa!" story among snowboarders in an Austrian ski resort.
Daan Schuurmans Ryan
Hanna Verboom Nicky
Egbert Jan Weeber Erik
Eva van der Gucht Eef
Peggy Vrijens Max
Collien Fernandes Sam
Axel Stein Barney
Johnny Challah Barney
Yolanthe van Kasbergen Brenda
Sophie Winters Kersje
Hugo Konings Herman
Hans van Beenen Robin
Jim Bakkum Jack
Anke Van't Hof Mother
Daan van Rijssel Maarten
Karina Smulders Sam (voice)
Mark van Eeuwen Dirk
Director: Pim van Hoeve
Producer: Alain De Levita,Johan Nijenhuis
Writer: Pim van Hoeve,Pieter Bart Korthuis
A feel-good film about nothing
These dutch filmmakers never intended to shoot at the Oscar nominees for best foreign movie. And that shows. Snowfever is a film without any real story, inspiration or lessons. But that ain't that bad. I mean, you gotta go watch this flick when you're in the mood for a light feel-good movie. A story about a very good looking girl with nerdy habits, clothes and friends. She wanna go for prince charming and during a snowboard weekend in the Alps she learns that she must be happy with herself. She also learns that life isn't about being popular or chasing guys. It's about being yourself and being close to your real friends. During the movie she shows a guy that nice guys don't always finish last.

This movie is nice to watch when you are down, with your girlfriend or when you're a snowboard freak (very nice snow-shots and scenery). But don't expect a good storyline. Or any storyline for that matter.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 3.6
Musician: Martijn Schimmer
Subtitles: engelska
Audio tracks: Stereo [German]
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