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Snow Dogs (2002)
Canada / English
"Get ready for mush hour! "
When a Miami dentist inherits a team of sled dogs, he's got to learn the trade or lose his pack to a crusty mountain man.
Cuba Gooding Jr. Dr. Ted Brooks
James Coburn James 'Thunder Jack' Johnson
Sisqó Dr. Rupert Brooks
Nichelle Nichols Amelia Brooks
M. Emmet Walsh George Murphy
Graham Greene Peter Yellowbear
Brian Doyle-Murray Ernie
Joanna Bacalso Barb
Jean Michel Paré Olivier
Michael Bolton Himself
Jason Pouliotte Sneed Brother #1
David Boyce Sneed Brother #2
Frank C. Turner Neely
Ron Small Arthur
Alison Matthews Arctic Challenge TV Reporter
Director: Brian Levant
Producer: Jordan Kerner
Writer: Gary Paulsen,Jim Kouf
Lots of "mush" - and great family fun
The very best kids' films are just as enjoyable for parents as for their offspring, but they're rare (and mostly made by Pixar these days). Snow Dogs is not in this league but it is still pure knockabout fun for the little 'uns, with a good deal of mush thrown in - as in sentimentality AND dog racing. Parents will enjoy it because they're enjoying watching their kids enjoying it, if you see what I mean. My six-year-old daughter loved it for the novelty of seeing dogs pulling sleds over snow, and for the way Cuba Gooding happily clowns around on the ice. He is wonderful, as is James Coburn in one of his last roles, while the comely heroine is played by a former Miss Philippines. A satisfying kiddies' film and, as my 17-year-old son grudgingly pronounced, "a lot better than Angelina bloody Ballerina".

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Imdb rating: 4.9
Musician: John Debney
Running time: 99 min
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