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Severed (2005)
Canada / English
A multi-national forestry company engages in genetic experimentation to increase logging yield in a remote section of forest...
Paul Campbell Tyler
Sarah Lind Rita
Julian Christopher Mac
JR Bourne Carter
Michael Teigen Luke
Leanne Adachi Stacey
Patrick Gallagher Anderson
Hrothgar Mathews Eric
Jerry Wasserman John
Sage Brocklebank Mills
Amber Rothwell Wendy
Kyle Cassie Jack
Brad Sihvon Tom
Colin Lawrence Arnold
Zak Santiago Ramon
Director: Carl Bessai
Producer: Andrew Boutilier,Cynthia Chapman
Writer: Carl Bessai,Travis McDonald
Lowbudget, Nothing else to it..
Okay so i just took the time to watch this movie, and since it is supposed to be a horror-flick i turned off all the unnecessary lighting etc etc to maybe raise the effects since i really don't scare that easy. And it all started pretty nice, i mean i must say the first scene with the title , camera moving over the forest it almost made it look kinda classy. But well thats kinda where it ends. The plot,well lets just say it might have been written by a primal monkey or maybe a 5 y.o with time on his/hers hands. But still Zombiemovies ain't about scripts so over to the gore, , , yeah, well problem is it's so poorly made that every time you actually see a Zombie they shake the camera so you can't see how crappy they are. And the little pieces that are supposed to look like flesh look more like grandmas jell-o.. But still i must admit i watched the entire thing i mean they at least act better then Pamela Anderson so, 4 out of ten. oh and by the way, doesn't the black dude seem kinda like a fruitcake when he struts around ?

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Storage device:Divx 1
Imdb rating: 4.9
Musician: Clinton Shorter
Running time: 93 min
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