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The Set Up (1995)
USA / English
Charlie Thorpe, a security systems expert, gets caught during a robbery. When he is released from jail...
Billy Zane Charles Thorpe
Mia Sara Gina Sands
James Russo Kliff
James Coburn Jeremiah Cole
Louis Mandylor Pauly
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Leon (as Tiny 'Zeus' Lister)
Mark Rolston Ray Harris
Margaret Avery Olivia Dubois
Lisa Collins Elizabeth
Vince Deadrick Jr. Officer Jones
Shannon Wilcox Mrs. Cole
Paula O'Hara Julia (as Paula Coburn)
Ed Wasser Cop #1
Brent Morris Cop #2
Tom Muzila Boxer
Director: Strathford Hamilton
Producer: Julia Verdin
Writer: James Hadley Chase,Michael Thoma
Well, not too bad, if you like simple stories.
So, the story is very simple and not absolutely new: A security specialist gets out of jail, finds a very good and well paid job and is finally forced to rob the very bank, which he provided with the best security equipment. So far so good. Billy Zane plays the specialist, not bad, but we all know he could do much better. Mia Sara as Zane's big love acts not very well indeed, however, she isn't in many scenes and that is a good fact. The bad boy is played by James Russo, who really saves the film from shallow playing. His acting is very good and he provides his character with the necessary cruelty and madness. Which brings me to James Coburn. What is he doing in such a film? He is such a great actor and he has played in a lot of big and very important films. However in this film he has just a little role to play, and if you watch carefully you will realize that it was no fun for him to play in this movie, he looks even bored in some scenes. Overall the movie is worth watching the movie, but don't expect too much, especially not from Mr. Coburn.

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Imdb rating: 5.1
Musician: Conrad Pope
Running time: 93 min
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