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Se7en (1995)
USA / English
"Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light. "
Police drama about two cops, one new and one about to retire, after a serial killer using the seven deadly sins as his MO.
Brad Pitt Detective David Mills
Morgan Freeman Detective Lt. William Somerset
Gwyneth Paltrow Tracy Mills
R. Lee Ermey Police Captain
Andrew Kevin Walker Dead Man (as Andy Walker)
Daniel Zacapa Detective Taylor
John Cassini Officer Davis
Bob Mack Gluttony Victim
Peter Crombie Dr. O'Neill
Reg E. Cathey Coroner
George Christy Workman
Endre Hules Cab Driver
Hawthorne James George, Library Night Guard
William Davidson Library Guard (as Roscoe Davidson)
Bob Collins Library Guard
Director: David Fincher
Producer: Phyllis Carlyle,Arnold Kopelson
Writer: Andrew Kevin Walker
Top Serial Killer Movie
Somerset, (Morgan Freeman) a deeply Intellectual Detective, with barely a week left until his retirement and Mills, (Brad Pitt) the new cop in town, who is a pretty weak detective, are thrown together to investigate what at first appears to be another Homicide.

After a second Victim is found, Somerset realises that this is no open and shut case, and requests that he is relieved, in light of his impending retirement. Mills gladly takes over the case and plunges himself in way over his head.

As the work of a Crimally insane genius continues, Mills grows more and more erratic, and Somerset simply has to remain, to guide his young partner through the case, which ultimately leads to one of the finest climax's in movie history.

With Wonderful Performances from both Freeman and Pitt and a really dark and morbid direction from David Fincher, the movie is crammed with suspense, intrigue and Excitement.

My Favourite scene is John Doe (Kevin Spacey) tearing into Mills in the car, driving towards the Climax, the acting is simply perfect as Pitt's character is torn apart by the genius of the Criminally insane, and Freeman interjects with insightful rationality, demonstrating his superior mind. The Scene Carries such intensity, and at the same time encapsulates the primary characters basic elements. Most actors can't achieve this level of character depth, but these are three of the finest actors of our time. 9/10

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Imdb rating: 8.5
Musician: Howard Shore
Running time: 127 min
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