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"Vanished" (2006)
USA / English
A senator's wife goes missing.
John Allen Nelson Senator Jeffrey Collins (13 episodes, 2006)
Joanne Kelly Sara Collins (13 episodes, 2006)
Margarita Levieva Marcy Collins (13 episodes, 2006)
John Patrick Amedori Max Collins (13 episodes, 2006)
Ming-Na Agent Lin Mei / ... (13 episodes, 2006)
Rebecca Gayheart Judy Nash (13 episodes, 2006)
Christopher Egan Ben Wilson (12 episodes, 2006)
Esai Morales Agent Michael Tyner / ... (11 episodes, 2006)
Leslie Odom Jr. Malik Christo / ... (10 episodes, 2006)
Penelope Ann Miller Jessica Nevins (9 episodes, 2006)
Jeff Michael WCN Anchor (9 episodes, 2006)
Joseph C. Phillips J.T. Morse / ... (9 episodes, 2006)
Gale Harold Agent Graham Kelton / ... (8 episodes, 2006)
Christopher Cousins Judge Wallace Rainer / ... (8 episodes, 2006)
Josh Hopkins Peter Manning (8 episodes, 2006)
Eddie Cibrian Agent Daniel Lucas / ... (7 episodes, 2006)
David Berman Agent Edward Dockery / ... (7 episodes, 2006)
Robert Hoffman Adam Putnam / ... (6 episodes, 2006)
Robin Pearson Rose Mrs. Jerome (6 episodes, 2006)
Director: Mimi Leder
Producer: Gareth Davies
Loving it.
I really and truly love this show. It's a great mystery, crime, and thriller television program. The plot is so gripping, and every episode I always think, "Why NOW? Why did they HAVE to end it NOW?". Really annoying, but it makes the show that much more interesting to have a good cliff-hanger.

I like how it combines elements of crime shows like CSI with all the detective work, and the FBI. There's a lot of drama as well. Each episode, more history is revealed about the main characters to keep you guessing who's the culprit, who's innocent, and who's an accomplice. I honestly have no idea how anyone is involved with the case. And I'm an avid watcher. That's good though.

I definitely recommend it, though it might be hard to understand if you've missed the first seven episodes.

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Imdb rating: 6.8
Musician: Robert Duncan
Running time: 60 min (including commercials)
Subtitles: Svenska
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