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Save the Last Dance 2 (2006)
USA / English
"The best move... is following your heart. "
Izabella Miko Sara Johnson
Columbus Short Miles Sultana
Jacqueline Bisset Monique Delacroix
Maria Brooks Katrina
Aubrey Dollar Zoe
Ian Brennan Franz
Tracey Armstrong Candy (as Tracey 'Tre' Armstrong)
Seana McKenna Simone
Ne-Yo Mixx
Diane Fabian Bella the Pianist
Robert Allan Paul
Matthew Watling Marcus
Evan Williams Shane
Brendan Wall Nigel
Michael Hanrahan Mr. Stills
Director: David Petrarca
Producer: Eric Hetzel
Writer: Duane Adler,Kwame Nyanning
i thought it was going to be poor, but you know what its not bad.....
I've got to say when I first heard about a Save the last dance 2 I thought cheap knock off can never come near the original. Then when I saw the cast for this film i was even inclined to feeling this was going to be a poor sequel but you know what its not that bad...

I think that this is a fun lively little film its not a world beating film or anything like that but a good film to watch in the comfort of your home. I find this is probably one of the better dance films on the market at the moment and the love story element flowing in the background carries the film along nicely. I think perhaps 6/10 is a fair mark for this film.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 5
Imdb rating: 4.7
Running time: 90 min
Subtitles: inga
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