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Sandor slash Ida (2005)
Sweden / Swedish
Party girl meets a male ballet dancer on the Internet.
Andrej Lunusjkin Sandor
André Lidholm Nicko
Adam Lundgren Valle
Aliette Opheim Ida
Matilda Ragnerstam Susanna
Camilla Fernandez Therese
Platte Hald Vakten
Svetlana Rodina Ilona (as Svetlana Rodina-Ljungkvist)
Lia Boysen Marie
Rebecca Scheja Vanja
Oscar Rydelius Tobbe
Anne Lundin Lotta
Rickard Roxvall Anton
Sara Zancotti Christina
Anna Rothlin Paulina
Director: Henrik Georgsson
Producer: Karl Fredrik Ulfung
Writer: Sara Kadefors
Not my favorite, but still a good movie
I liked this movie, it was not a wow-movie but I think that it was the best Swedish relationship movie since "Fucking Åmål".

I saw it on the cinema with four of my friends and they all liked it even better than I did.

So I don't agree with the previous reviewer that it is a crappy movie, but I agree that the plot is a bit predictive.

The movie is about Sandor who is tired of his life as an uncool guy who has never has sex, been drunk, been to a party or even kissed a girl. He lives with his strict parents. And Ida who is tired of living her life as a cool chick with her shallow friends and her mentally ill mother. She is drunk every weekend, has frequently one-night stands, gets bad grades and takes drugs.

They share their misery in a chat room over the net and try to help each other. They are starting a close friendship.

/ Johan

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 5.5
Running time: 93 min
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