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Sahara (2005)
UK / Arabic
"Dirk Pitt. Adventure has a new name. "
Master explorer Dirk Pitt goes on the adventure of a lifetime of seeking out a lost Civil War battleship known as the "Ship of Death" in the deserts of West Africa while helping a UN doctor being hounded by a ruthless dictator.
Jude Akuwidike Imam (as Jude Akuwudike)
Mark Aspinall Lawyer
Rakie Ayola Mrs. Nwokolo
Christopher Bello Train Driver
Nicholas Beveney Gunboat 1 Officer
Empotoe Bosage Pick Up Truck Guard
Robert Cavanah Captain Tombs
Penélope Cruz Eva Rojas
Clint Dyer Oshodi
Matthew Flynn 1st Lieutenant, Ironclad
Paulin Fodouop Modibo (as Paulin F. Fodouop)
Ouahbou Houcine Tuareg Village Boy 1
Emmanuel Ighodaro Kazim's Officer Asselar
Lennie James General Zateb Kazim
Maurice Lee Zakara
Director: Breck Eisner
Producer: Stephanie Austin,Howard Baldwin,Karen Elise Baldwin,Mace Neufeld
Writer: Clive Cussler,Thomas Dean Donnelly
No cinematic drought after all
It had been proposed by some that the only reason Eisner Jr. (Breck) was allowed to make this film was his relationship with Eisner Sr. (Michael). While there is no proof for such an argument either way, Breck has proved to be not much worse than other directors. In fact he did better than most and worse than some. Sahara is best described as a typical entertaining adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones or perhaps National Treasure. It has a tough good guy (McConaughey), a funny sidekick (Zane) and admirable eye-candy (Cruz). Now I admit that most things are quite shallow, but if you mix all of the above mentioned ingredients with a decent story, good action sequences and throw in the fact that there isn't one nanosecond of corniness in this movie, you inevitably end up with a crowd pleasing blockbuster.

7,25 out of 10

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Imdb rating: 6.0
Musician: Clint Mansell
Running time: 124 min
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