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Rush Hour (1998)
USA / English
"The Fastest Hands In The East Meet The Biggest Mouth In The West. "
Two cops team up to get back a kidnapped daughter.
Ken Leung Sang
Jackie Chan Chief Inspector Lee
Tom Wilkinson Thomas Griffin/Juntao
Tzi Ma Consul Han
Robert Littman First Caucasian
Michael Chow Diner Guest
Julia Hsu Soo Yung
Chris Tucker Detective James Carter
Chris Penn Clive Cod
Kai Lennox Cop at Diner
Larry Sullivan Cop at Diner (as Larry Sullivan Jr.)
Yang Lin Consul Secretary (as Yan Ling)
Roger Fan Soo Yung's Bodyguard
George Cheung Soo Yung's Driver
Lucy Lin Exposition Official
Director: Brett Ratner
Producer: Roger Birnbaum,Jonathan Glickman,Arthur M. Sarkissian
Writer: Ross LaManna,Jim Kouf
A funny cop buddy film, with a good chemistry between Chan and Tucker
I recently saw this movie, and I was surprised at how good it was despite some of the *obnoxious* loudmouth phrases by Chris Tucker. I think he got a little too mouthy at some scenes. But other than that the movie is pretty good.

The plot is after consul Han Solon's daughter is kidnapped, a close friend of Han's, Detective Inspector Lee(Jackie Chan) is sent in to help because Han does not fully rely on the work of the FBI alone. So an LAPD officer James Carter(Chris Tucker) is sent in to help keep Lee out of trouble. It had some very good lines passed between the actors, and you could tell they were having a fun time together acting. Some of the martial arts/karate that Chan does in the film is impressive, just like in all his films, and Tucker does a good job playing the loud mouth(even if he did get out of hand sometimes). I'm going to definately see the sequel, Rush Hour 2. I would give this film 3/5 stars. It's a good movie to just rent out, or watch on tv some night.

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 6.7
Musician: Ira Hearshen
Running time: 93 min (DVD edition)
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