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Ronin (1998)
UK / English
"Your ally could become your enemy "
A freelancing former US intelligence agent tries to track down a mysterious package that is wanted by both the Irish and the Russians.
Robert De Niro Sam
Jean Reno Vincent
Natascha McElhone Deirdre
Stellan Skarsgård Gregor
Sean Bean Spence
Skipp Sudduth Larry
Michael Lonsdale Jean-Pierre
Jan Triska Dapper Gent
Jonathan Pryce Seamus O'Rourke
Ron Perkins Man with the Newspaper
Féodor Atkine Mikhi
Katarina Witt Natacha Kirilova
Bernard Bloch Sergi
Dominic Gugliametti Clown Ice Skater
Alan Beckworth Clown Ice Skater
Director: John Frankenheimer
Producer: Frank Mancuso Jr.
Writer: J.D. Zeik,J.D. Zeik
Above average action/intrigue flick.
"Ronin" puts DeNiro at the center as a mercenary who is hired by people unknown to nab a case with contents unknown for reasons unknown. This international intrigue thriller set in France has all the usual Hollywood action excesses (car chases ad nauseam, stunts, pyro, firefights, etc.), and excellent cast, and even a bit of a story which keeps us, the audience, wondering what's in the case, why do they want it, etc. during most of the film. "Ronin" is all business from the get-go and a cut above the average Hollywood formula action flick. Worth a look for those who few who may have missed it.

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Storage device:Divx 4
Imdb rating: 7.1
Musician: Elia Cmiral
Running time: 121 min
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