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"The Simpsons" (1989)
USA / English
"On Your Marks, Get Set, D'Oh! "
The satiric adventures of a working class family in the misfit city of Springfield.
Dan Castellaneta Homer Simpson / ... (397 episodes, 1989-2007)
Julie Kavner Marge Simpson / ... (397 episodes, 1989-2007)
Nancy Cartwright Bart Simpson / ... (397 episodes, 1989-2007)
Yeardley Smith Lisa Simpson / ... (397 episodes, 1989-2007)
Harry Shearer Ned Flanders / ... (318 episodes, 1989-2007)
Hank Azaria Chief Wiggum / ... (318 episodes, 1989-2007)
Pamela Hayden Milhouse Van Houten / ... (219 episodes, 1989-2007)
Tress MacNeille Agnes Skinner / ... (172 episodes, 1990-2007)
Director: David Silverman
Producer: Richard Appel,Donick Cary,Ken Keeler,Dan McGrath
Remember when this was the best show ever?
The Simpsons is probably the funniest show ever to be broadcasted on TV.Forget Seinfeld,Friends,Frasier(don't forget Cheers),this is way better.There is no show that is as clever,as addictive or even as sharp as this show.Believe me,this is pure satire in a perfect disguise.Who would expect that?Cartoons are for children,aren't they(yes,my family is mislead too)Another great thing about this is the fact that you can't possibly name all characters,and every time someone asks me who's my favourite,I say someone else.Brockman is hilarious,so is Moe,so is Troy McClure,so are Patty and Selma.The Simpsons is a layer show.Smart people laugh at the inside-jokes,idiots and children laugh at Homer getting a car stuck in his ass.I thought it would be like that till my retirement,but no.This show has become dull and uninspired.It got really unrealistic.Marge seems to get psycho from time to time,Homer isn't that great anymore,guest stars are getting thrown in in terrifying amounts,the writers are putting in way too many in-jokes(those are actually about the only jokes left)and I still watch it but I don't know why.I guess I'm just waiting for that one good episode that isn't going to come anyway.Should it be cancelled?No,I like the waiting for a new episode and I'll deal with the disappointment afterwards.

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Musician: Alf Clausen
Running time: 22 min (400 episodes)
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