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Pretty Persuasion (2005)
USA / English
"Evil comes in a school uniform. "
A 15-year-old girl incites chaos among her friends and a media frenzy when she accuses her drama teacher of sexual harassment.
Evan Rachel Wood Kimberly Joyce
David Wagner Morgan (as David T. Wagner)
Brent Goldberg Rick
Adi Schnall Randa
Elisabeth Harnois Brittany
Stark Sands Troy
Jane Krakowski Emily Klein
Michael Hitchcock Headmaster Charles Meyer
Danny Comden Roger Nicholl
Jaime King Kathy Joyce
Josh Zuckerman Josh Horowitz
James Snyder Dave
Ron Livingston Percy Anderson
Cody McMains Kenny
Mike Erwin Barry
Director: Marcos Siega
Producer: Todd Dagres,Carl Levin,Marcos Siega,Matt Weaver
Writer: Skander Halim
my new favorite movie
I'm no film expert.. but I loved this movie. It's an absolutely brilliant, SUPERDARK comedy. Ignore any reality issues and just enjoy. It's not brain-candy comedy, nor is it a deep social commentary (even if it wants to be) but just a truly enjoyable film.

Evan Rachel Wood is going to be an extremely big deal. Actually, she already is. Her character could have been really pointless, if played by a lesser actress, but Wood gives brings an intelligence to the role that makes her truly interesting.

My one problem? The ending. Kimberly needs to either be smart enough to foresee the emotional consequences of what she does, or to be a total sociopath and not care. I think they were going for her not knowing the extent of what she had started, but I doubt she could be as smart and successfully manipulative as she was without some people skills.

If nothing else, watch Kimberly's dad during the court scenes. Genius.

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Storage device:Divx 1
Imdb rating: 6.6
Musician: Gilad Benamram
Running time: 110 min / Argentina
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