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Population 436 (2006)
Canada / English
"The residents of Rockwell Falls are dying for you to visit... "
A census-taker (Sisto) is sent to investigate why a certain small town has had the same population -- 436 residents -- for the last 100 years.
David Ames Ronald Greaver
Leigh Enns Kathy Most
Susan Kelso Nurse Greaver
Rick Skene Ray Jacobs
Fred Durst Deputy Bobby Caine
David Fox Dr. Harold James Greaver
Peter Jordan Minister Hiller
Charlotte Sullivan Courtney Lovett
R.H. Thomson Sheriff Colcutt
Frank Adamson Mayor Grateman
Reva Timbers Amanda Jacobs
Monica Parker Belma
Jeremy Sisto Steve Kady
Lora Schroeder Gas station attendant
Winston Sisto Dog
Director: Michelle Maxwell MacLaren
Producer: Gavin Polone
Writer: Michael Kingston
Pretty good actually
On a lazy holiday I decided to rent this little number from the video store. I'm a pretty big movie fan so I knew what I should have expected from it but I was actually pretty pleased. The story was fairly engaging, the acting really wasn't that bad and the whole feel of the movie was pretty much dead on.

On the box it said that it was like 'The Wicker Man' which is one of my favourite movies, and it comes fairly close to capturing the concept of that movie (though not as well) so thats a big endorsement from me.

I'm not gonna be bothered going into the story but lets just say that if you are a fan of this kind of movie then you should probably check it out.

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Nr of disks/tapes:1
Storage device:Divx 1
Imdb rating: 6.0
Musician: Glenn Buhr
Running time: 92 min
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